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  1. Ya looked there... no joy. Our mighty team was called Tactical Mushrooms.
  2. Hello all, We used to have a team page a few years back, and I guess this was updated when the site was upgraded (I don't know when this was, as I've been out of airsoft for a few years), as its now no longer on the list. Does anyone know what happened to all of this? We had quite a few posts in there, and it would be great to be able to resurrect that sub-site. A long-shot, I know. cheers
  3. Hello mate, I am also based in Essex, and am getting back into the sport now the kids have got a few years older.. wow, those years were hard haha... I hear word of a new CQB site opening near Braintree.. I'll let you know if that becomes closer to being a reality. Have you tried Sandpit? Not 'too' far from SE, and is awesome.
  4. Is anyone running an A-TACS LE loadout currently? If so, post up some pics please...
  5. Hi Tom, I went to Gunman Tuddenham - I had a really good session (Film-sim day), I thought the site was good, and run well, so it would be a good place to start IMO..
  6. Hey folks... any arma players out there? I am planning an invade and annex night.. drop me a pm if you want in
  7. Thanks mate OK, definately the last question (for today). Are there any good sites (or threads) that give good advice for CQB? I've had a quick look on YT, and found a couple of useful bits about cornering, but that's about it.
  8. nice one mate - sorry, one more question... I'm obviously not registered, and I really don't want to get my gun two-toned. Am I right in assuming that they (as in the distributer) can't send me the rifle unless I'm on the register (UKARA or something...)? Wolf Armouries have a hire-purchase scheme whereby you buy the rifle from them, but they hold it for you until you've 'earned your stripes' as it were. Would you recommend this (hire-purchase) approach, or is there a way to get hold of a non-two-toned SRC rifle? cheers
  9. Thanks man It seems that TM have a good reputation. Are there any other cheaper manufacturers that do G36C's? Or am I better off sticking with TM?
  10. Hi everybody I have had Airsoft on my list of things to do for some time, and have decided to set up a work event to experience this. Apart from one or two people, we're all new to this (about 20 of us), and I have a couple of questions. We're all based in London, and are planning to hit Bunker 51 in Greenwich. I have my eye on a Tokyo Marui G36C, as it looks like it has good upgrade potential, and can be used for both mid-range and QC combat. What do you all think of this selection for QC combat? In terms of clothing, I've seen a lot of semi-pro looking dudes in full army gear on youtube. I'm planning to aim for boots, combat trousers and a hooded top. Is this foolish? If anyone can give me some advice on these points I'd be really grateful... Cheers Alex4