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  1. I can vouch these are brilliant guns, had a few of the G-XI in and during testing they where all awesome, we are getting in the whole range soon would 100% recommend!
  2. I havent been to a site where there are rules on LMG's the only time you would have one would be at a milsim event and they usually limit to a few thousand rounds depending on length of game etc, really CQB sites may have some rules but I have never encountered them yet but makes a bit of sense if they did. Also I couldn't imagine them saying full auto only, the only restrictions I can see is burst length and ammo limits at milsims.
  3. That is a very good point, I used to have one on the top left of the website but with this new website that has just been designed for some reason one hasn't been built in! I am able to do some editing myself so will add a search bar to each of the product pages, but will try to get one sorted for the home page. Though we are quite low on stock currently as we are clearing a large portion of it to make way for some new orders in the coming weeks once we have space! Quick Edit: search bars now on each and every product page (under the "shop" tab at the top of the website)
  4. Hi Matas, we just actually changed our website, the menu only has a few options but each of these are drop down menu's which lead to a lot more pages, do you mean we dont have enough pages on the menu at the top of our website or product wise? I do always encourage feedback so it is certainly appreciated, if you would like to give some more detailed feedback (again, always encouraged & greatly received) we do have a feedback form on our website as well : https://swasairsoft.co.uk/customer-feedbackreviews/
  5. We Just launched a Brand new website (www.swasairsoft.co.uk) and are having a big clearance sale! (https://swasairsoft.co.uk/clearance-sale/) Free shipping on all orders over £50 with the code: CLEARANCE50
  6. What are peoples favourite brands currently? Got a new Website, new Logo and loads new stock due soon, going to be a busy few weeks! 

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    2. CES_williamson


      Sadly we will be changing most of our stock to RIF's but once those start getting popular I am sure we will get some new ranges in which will certainly include internal parts! Though if you are in need of a specific part drop me a PM or email and I will always try and get it in for you :)

    3. Jedi_Master


      Moving away from budget range will be good. Personally (not as Moderator) when I see cheap spring pistols and bright coloured cheap guns it just looks like another shop with "BB gun" in its name. Not somewhere I would take seriously. Favourite brands are still TM and Krytac.

    4. CES_williamson


      Hi jedi, the main reason we got in a budget range was simply to have a product which new players can buy to practice shooting and get into the airsoft world, because before we got this we didnt have anything for new players or people who just wanted a basic bb gun not for airsofting, if you look at literally any airsoft retailer, they all have these ranges, we just simply brought one in recently but this is pretty much where it stops as we wont be pursuing growing this range at all! instead we will be putting all of our focus into increasing our range of RIF range, but we certainly wont be becoming a budget retailer, our budget range will probably stay the size it is now as this is not something I am going to be pushing! (hope this explains the position on this!) TM and Krytac we are certainly looking into, just waiting on the new krytac shipment into the UK to see what new goodies they are sending over, the NGRS range is also something I am keen on getting into! 

  7. The G&G ranges are brilliant for starter guns, the firehawk uses standard V2 compatible parts so you can upgrade in future & the rail means easy mounting of almost all accessories! It is also perfect for CQB as it is extremely short obviously. You do have to run Lipo's in them due to the battery going in the buffer tube, but we would usually recommend 7.4v's in the ones we sell as that is what G&G recommends and this gives plenty power to the gun but you can also replace the stock to a crane stock to fit a nunchuck NiMH battery. Hope this helps, if you have any more questions I would be happy to help you can PM me or I can reply on this topic (Not trying to pressure you to buy from my company, just happy to help a new airsofter)
  8. Hi Mos, I might be able to help here a bit! Firstly Drop shipping is a brilliant idea and something I am sorting out for SWAS about mid-may but this is a very long time in the making, this is because there are very few ( mean few) companies who drop ship airsoft stuff in the UK sadly! Also the retail market is very saturated and highly competitive which is why you also need other ways of increasing interest such as being in conjunction with an airsoft site etc. So you will need to find a USP (Unique selling point) or something that sets you aside. Lastly one bit of advice I can give is dont underestimate the advertising costs, airsofters are quite loyal & hard to advertise to so it usually costs more than you think as all social media platforms have now blocked all airsoft airsoft advertising as well! Hope this helped a bit, if you want any advice or info just drop me a PM, I know how daunting it can be!
  9. What are peoples opinion on the new Nuprol RZR BB's?

    1. M_P


      Well they can't be any worse than their original line

    2. Jon-DarkwaterAirsoft


      I've used approx 20k 0,28 and 10k 0,32.


      They were both fed using DBoy 140rnd G36 Midcaps into an ASG CZ Bren 805 A2.


      I have nor suffered a single problem with them. (Exception being 2 mags struggled to lift the 0,32 but that was a mag issue, not a bb issue).


      Id say that they are bloody good, not really anything super duper about them as they come out of the same factory as some of the other leading brands that everyone loves.

    3. CES_williamson


      Thanks for the replies guys, stocking ASG at the moment and was looking for other brands to stock in future, was just a bit cautious due to the first line!

  10. A lot of people use ASG blasters, including myself for about 5 years and haven't had an issue yet!
  11. Quick note on the retail side of things, a lot of prices at normal retailers are high at the moment due to exchange rates, the vast majority of stuff comes from Asia where a lot of the currency is based on the USD and obviously this affects us badly with the current exchange rate. For example, ICS, krytac, G&G and more have had a small price increase due to this, most retailers have tried to swallow the price increase without putting prices up but some have. Hope this helps explain the situation!
  12. Well, thank you for the info! I will save for future reference, we haven't got any of the HC05 as decided the normal Firehawk was good enough! Thank you for the feedback, I always encourage it! If you have anymore comments we have a feedback page on the website which I am trying to encourage which I would appreciate if you would fill out if you get an opportunity? Thanks
  13. I thought he meant that there where other issues with the gun! I do agree though, semi is such a basic feature I have no idea why they didnt implement it!