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  1. so i have a major problem with the stupidly insane rules one i cant register to the place i go to site because they dont accept msn buggers so i cant get ukara or whatever thing so i can buy guns of internet which means i cant play airsoft nomore also i cant buy things off internet anymore because i havnt got a interweb card, the rules are so stupid they could atleast make it easier to actually obtain it and you cant even buy the guns for show it pathetic stupid england gone to the dogs, what can i do? i really need help it like the hardest sport to get into becuase stupid government are too scared to get shot by plastic, 10 years ago it would be soo easy to obtain stuff like this now it like a quest, i just read all the rules on there website and to be honest its easier buying a real gun, i got a 22. air rifle wich is most probly more powerfull then most airsoft guns, it kinda pathetic to be honest
  2. so i still have no idea how mutch that will cost *crys* ill never have enough money to get a gun stupid reccesion and no jobs grrrr
  3. im also a lefty and i have no problems with guns but thanks ill have a look havnt tried sa80s yet mates got one so im going to ask him if i could breifly use it and see if its a pain to use.
  4. if any of you live in peterborough me and my freinds go to the querry near orton and hampton it has wood loads of hills and contruction site yes they let us in there after hours isnt that nice, we even made our own little fort that the builders gave us some bricks to make one umm its a really huge area around 1mile long haha, but yeah its fun and if anyone wants to join message me and ill give you the details
  5. is a spring sa80s a good starter gun its spring, aint got enough for a gas or electrec Includes: * Spring SA80 Rifle Airsoft Gun * Electronic Sight * Flashlight * Magazine * Sample Bag Of BBs Specifications: * FPS: 360 (use .12g BBs) * Magazine Capacity: 400 * Size: 31 Inches *edit* sorry didnt see the adive page can someone move the thread please thanks and sorry
  6. ive just started airsoft yesterday in peterborough havnt been to a proper event yet but will do eventually umm also dont have a guns at the moment either i borrow my mates we go to the quarry in peterborough it has woods hills and some buildings it the best place ever so umm yeah hi.