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  1. Were always recruiting and no requirements you just have to be able to play and attend team games And bathat no not yet we have been to the embassy, Anzio and a few others
  2. Im looking for a tightbore barrel for my full size M4 and my USP Compact, if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated Cheers Amy
  3. Hey welcome... where bouts u from?
  4. Updates on my Dboys M4 RIS Painted black instead of desert. Also a pressure pad Ris torch and an Eotech 552 And my little brother posing with it
  5. Does anyone know when stealth tacticals next game dates are? Ive tried contacting them but had no reply.
  6. Yeh I've been trying to find put dates for them but cant seem to find anything. Luttos just down the road u see
  7. If it was a bit too hot I could always just change it on the day can't I... As its not too big a job. Is this suitable for a dboys gearbox?
  8. Yeah the limit is 350 I'm just confused as some people say it will take me over and some say it won't. Obv I dot want to put it in for it to be too hot on a game day
  9. So the m110 will take me too high I'm guessing
  10. See thats where i usually go thats my main site, and i dont know wether he will be able to handle cqb
  11. im thinking of upgrading to a madbull m110 spring... Anyone have any ideas on what this will take my fps upto if im currently firing at about 260fps?
  12. Hey all... My brothers 13 and im looking for sites around leicestershire that i can take him to. Obvously i wont be playing properly just staying with him so he doesnt spoil it for other people. I understand that MAW and Grange Farm are only for 16+ If some one could give me some ideas it would be greatly appreciated as he is itching to go
  13. fake gas tube? whats that? Sorry i really dont know much about these
  14. my front ris keeps moving. I have taken it off the main body of the rif as show. And have located the 2 pins. But how do u stop it from moving? I understand that these 2 pins lock but how do i get them to lock and where do they lock into? All advice and help would be much appreciated. Im still learning