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  1. Make: swiss arms Gun/Model: vsr Accessories: standard scope, standard magazine, comes inside box Condition: like new (20 rounds shot) FPS: 430 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: around 85-90 Pictures: below the reason i am selling this gun is because i am saving up for a new car and need extra money and seems as i dont use the gun any more i thought i could sell it, has only had about 20-25 rounds maximum through the gun and everything works perfectly,great gun and would recommend to anyone who likes picking people of pm me or leave a note and i will get back to you asap thanks
  2. i havent, ive played at the finmere but not with this gun, this gun has never been skirmished
  3. Make: swiss arms Gun/Model: Vsr Accessories: 3-9 x 32 scope, mag, cleaning rod, Condition: mint FPS: 450 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/y/n Price/Payment: looking for around 90 Pictures: below i am selling this gun because i am looking for something new and my local skirmish site isnt a sniper type of one, its more of a aeg so i am looking for a aeg instead, everything works on the gun as intended and has only had roughly 20 rounds through the barel. inbox me if you are interested and we can come to some sort of arrangement
  4. Yeah that will be cool, could u get a picture to me
  5. milton keynes mate
  6. Gun/Model: vsr g-spec Accessories: 3-9 x 32 scope , magazine and speed loader Condition: mint condition FPS: 450 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: preferably sale but willing to swap? Price/Payment:open to offers Pictures:pm me and I can get them to You i am selling because i am wanting something different, this gun has only had about 20 rounds through it, has never been skirmished and has the box to go with it, everything on the gun works as intended, no problems with the gun at all, brilliant bit of kit
  7. hello mate saw your post,i have perfectly working JG m4 i am wanting ti sell to you for spares and project whatever you wanna do with it
  8. Make: JG Gun/Model: m4 Accessories: Red dot sight, silencer, 3 mags, battery Condition: used but very good FPS: 350 approx Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n/n Price/Payment: £100-120 Pictures:Yes, pm me if the gun can be collected it would be much appreciated
  9. selling a JG m4, been used at skirmishes a couple of times, great starter gun for beginners, needs a bit of a clean up but other than that its ok. please send a message if interested and i will send a pic. i paid just under 200 pounds so looking at about 120 for the gun, battery and charger.
  10. I Am Looking To Buy A Mp5 In Good Condition For £60-£130 If You Have What I Am Looking For Please Pm Me
  11. Make:G&G Gun/Model:GR16 Accessories:Swiss Arms Red Dot Sight,4 Mags Condition:Very good(dust cover snapped but there cheap) FPS:330=350 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:No/No/No Price/Payment:Taking Offers Pictures:Yes
  12. Good m4 for sale, only a few months old,only had about 1000 rounds through it . comes with The gun The standard 450 round mag 2 300 round mags Swiss arms red dot sight Silencer Cleaning stick 2 Batterys
  13. im selling my m4 to buy a mp5 what it comes with/what i payed gun £180 silencer £40 red dot sight ( swiss arms ) £80 4 highcap mags £ 20 each 1600 Mah battery £18 1400 Mah battery / came with gun if your intrested pm me offers
  14. Im Selling My G&G m4 carbine depending on offers NOTE : this is the two tone version Like new condition , only been used once in a skirmish FPS : Chrono'd at finmere airsoft at 340-350 this gun comes with a charger , red dot sight , silencer, 2 batterys ( 1400 and 1600 MaH) what i payed : gun : £180 silencer : £45 Red dot : £80 1600 Mah battery : £20 pm me your offers if you wish for pictures , pm me and i will sort it out
  15. gear box upgrade hop up upgrade new barrel metal gear box finish all added up to £100