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  1. Closed. For future reference this should have been in Guns For Sale 》 Gas. Cheers.
  2. Make: WE Preferred Gun/Model: Try Me Desired Condition: Good, don't mind wear and tear but need something that will last a year Desired FPS: N/A Swaps/Part Exchange: N/A Budget: £100 Maximum Tentatively looking for a GBB Pistol as I may be lucking into some money in the next week or two. Not really sure what, tempt me? Bonus points for anything full-metal, with multiple magazines. Please note, my UKARA has lapsed, at present, all I can cite for my defence is my longstanding membership (and moderation) here, staffing at several airsoft sites over the past 10 years and the fact I've never once gone on any form of murderous rampage (except for once taking down a whole carton on jaffa cakes in one go like some sort of savage beast). Cheers.
  3. Locked. This sort of thing doesn't belong in General Discussion. If you wish to advertise your youtube channel, run giveaways via the forums etc., you have three options: 1. Join the supporters section - generally speaking there's no rules regarding content in that section. 2. Make a thread in the Media forum for your youtube channel and post updates in that thread. 3. Ask the moderation team, we'll tell you where you can put stuff.
  4. Bolle Rush Plus Glasses + Accessory Kit (lanyard and lens insert) (£15 total) Lenses from (£15) No idea if they'll be any good but cheap enough that I've got to try.
  5. Locked. It's clear some posts have been edited or removed so I'm not really sure what's going on here but please take this as a gentle reminder to be nice to each other and behave ourselves.
  6. The original Forum Suggestions thread has now been moved to the moderator staff forum for us to begin working through, announcements about what is going on will be made soon. For now, please keep thinking, once we have come to some sort of resolution regarding the original suggestions, this thread will be opened to garner new feedback. Thank you all for your suggestions so far.
  7. Don't know what's in Krylon but Dettol (the basic brown liquid) is pretty good for stripping a lot of spray paints and doesn't hurt plastic.
  8. Sorted now. Cheers.
  9. I've been out of the game for a while, so as a result my UKARA has lapsed, I'm now looking to get back into airsoft. I need a new rifle because I'm loathe to spend £90-odd on renting. As such, I'm looking for a decent starter gun. The priority would be a G36c followed by an M4. Bonus points for accessories. That said, at this point, I'll take a look at anything, provided everything is in full working order. Let me know what you've got. Cheers.
  10. I'm going to warn you all now. I am going to DOMINATE this thread. Just as soon as I remember my photobucket login. I have more pictures of my dog than is healthy (he even had his own thread once
  11. Do you know if they can take a prescription insert?
  12. I'm going to be picking up a pair of these as they're a decent, cheap, reputable option for having some prescription lenses put in. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with them at all and whether they're decent? Or if anyone else has suggestions for alternatives, I'll happily think about those as well... Cheers.
  13. I've been out of the game for ages and I'm looking to beef up my knowledge on decent retailers for everything from tac-gear through to random AEG and Pistol parts. Can anyone recommend 3 decent UK retailers and 3 decent HK/China retailers?
  14. I'm re-starting after a long hiatus and I'm somewhat limited on what guns I can consider. If I had free-reign to choose whatever I wanted, the G&G CM series would be up there. They're solid, dependable, easily repaired (maybe not by yourselves - that depends on your own knowledge, but certainly they're highly compatible with aftermarket parts and they've got no really weird oddities internally), can take lots of customisation and upgrades etc. and they're pretty much brilliant.
  15. Cheers gents - some decent advice here! Will investigate further and hopefully see some you in the field soon!