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  1. That's a good idea, hadn't thought of that. It seems that the best thing to do may be to just take the plunge and try something out. At worst I won't like it and I can sell it on and at best it'll be just what I want! Cheers guys!
  2. Cheers Dave, I know you're 'scope king' so I shall bow to your superior knowledge! Trouble is, if I go down that route, it's more of a commitment than spending say £40 on something just as an experiment. What shall I do!
  3. Cheers for the feedback Matt, much appreciated as always. I get your point re: the high mounts. Maybe medium mounts would be suitable! The ACOG scopes are pretty tasty, though the one with the tiny red dot doctor sights are particularly expensive for what I'm looking for. Might be best for me to get on Airsoft Club as they've got some ACOGs on offer! Cheers Matt, you've been loads of help dude!
  4. Yo Pretty much as the title says really! I love optics and playing around with different setups and would like to just buy a cheapish scope to play around with. I do know however that you get what you pay for in the world of optics and I have taken that into consideration. I'm looking for something that I can use to engage at medium range. I have no CQB sites near me and prefer woodland combat anyway so it's not going to be close quarters. I think a 3-9x40 would be satisfactory - just want to know about the mounts. Obviously the M15A4 has a Weaver rail so I'm presuming I'm looking for a set of 20mm mounts. At 3-9x40 the end of the scope will be quite large so I'm thinking a set of high mounts might do the job! Could anyone give me any advice or shout me anything I may want to consider as I'm quite new to airsoft optics. TA! Blue P.S - Messages along the general line of 'OMG Y R U BYIN A SCOWP IZ IT COZ U FINK U IZ GNA B A 1337 SNIPEZ?' are not welcome...
  5. I'm 22 mate and I do the same (intermittently and without the baby bit ) so don't panic! My mate doesn't even wait until the Mrs is in bed, he's straight on there all evening
  6. If you're not UKARA registered, there is no legal way to buy a RIF, regardless of whether it's imported or not.
  7. Rocking an F2000 Great stuff!
  8. Just be careful, customs will whack on a nice addition to that, especially seeing as it's shipping from the US. Are you UKARA registered?
  9. Yes, the M14 brags full auto mode!
  10. Umm nah, I mean the Golden Gun
  11. I must admit, I do find it a little odd that they allow that. Regardless, I was always taught to abide by the law! Anyway, back on topic. I want a GBB golden gun!
  12. So you've just admitted you're going to exploit an illegal loophole on a public forum
  13. Hi Alex, From what I gather from the lads on here, a sniper rifle is a constant project of upgrades and additions. The only thing that came to mind when I read your budget was this one - It's about £125 inc. Scope, mounts & bipod. Not a bad price but I'm guessing you get what you pay for. Some say it's a good rifle but it's not renowned for its accuracy! Personally I think I'd try and save a little more for an L96 as they seem to be pretty rife for their reliability and upgrade possibilities. Keep us posted on how you get on!