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  1. Hi Mike, It seems your browser is getting confused with the css. I suggest you clear your cache on your ipad as those images for the PM / notifications are generated dynamically, Cheers, Matt.
  2. The scar L is designed to be ambidextrous so swapping the changing handle can be done. unfortunately I've never used one so I can tell you exactly how to do it maybe additional research / owners manual could help.
  3. A nice collection, is that Japfest you are at by any chance or castle combe?
  4. is that seriously your r32? if so thats a fucking monster! heres mine,
  5. Thread closed as requested by creator.
  6. Ok seeing as people do not read, maybe we should point new players to this video thanks to CrazyNCman, I didnt want it all but i know the rest of his stuff is legit. either me sticky it or put it in the new player guide? Let me know your thoughts. May whack it in my sig too.
  7. have you used an m16 in cqb? I loved it when I had mine, well worth the extra challenge if you get the chance.
  8. most likely due to a 2012 renewal, give them email to remind them
  9. can never fault a Classic army weapon, they are the best AEG's you can get imo.
  10. doesnt a member work at this shop? think his username was wolf?
  11. This was when my gun wasnt complete yet so missing flashhider and foregrip was tan
  12. Time travel, this would include being able to stop time
  13. My Old L119A1 (don't use the butt pad as I dislike it) I'll grab some pics of my new one tomorrow.
  14. it should be noted that a parent can gift a weapon however.