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  1. Im back after a long time played first game back at elite action games dorking and was highly impressed with the games the site its self and the staff would highly recommend to anyone looking to try somewhere new. was a great day and the perfect way to ease myself back in lol
  2. Modern Warfare 3

    Que at midnight at gamestation in Bognor Regis was a joke eventually got home at 02:30 played for about hour and a half and got to say thought it was brilliant so far. G36 is a beast. Mp5 top draw at cqb. Got 7-0 using riot sheilds in search. Saw a few of the new killstreaks in action strafing heli's is cool and got the one where a helicopter gunship follows u around hovering above u is wicked. Don't know if it's on there but I think cold blooded is a must as all I could hear was "enemy uav spotted" every 20 seconds.
  3. 9/11

    10 years is mental i remember watching it live like it was yesterday!!! (was of school sick)
  4. transfer deadline day

    makes me very happy.
  5. Kenny rogers. The gambler
  6. Chat

    We tryed before between 10-12 and it only lasted about 3days.
  7. The truth about Magpul Prices.

    storys like this help me sleep easy at night knowing that we are being looked after by the very best...
  8. Insane YouTube Videos

    in that case i win
  9. Insane YouTube Videos

    this is good in fact all his videos are
  10. shatner

    brought a ak74 from him exellent comms, great price and speedy postage top bloke deff recomended.
  11. Nicknames

    that to
  12. Nicknames

    been done pal i have been called so many different names over the years!!! even got told im like the "little chef" man before
  13. Free Running

    yeh on assassins creed.
  14. Nicknames

    sarni sarnosaurus sarnahontas sarnoceros etc,etc