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  1. Being very arkward?
  2. Never gone airsofting alone before but I have been on the oposite side to my freinds. the same time that I ran into BigShep.
  3. Just saw this video on Zero In and thought I would share it: I personaly found it very funny. Discus.
  4. You see, Some girls like a longer 'weapon' while others.... Oh! You mean... Well A shorter weapon is easier to use in CQB while a longer one is.... longer? and maybe better for woodland.
  5. They never made them in silver only shelby did! And it is fictional to me as I will never get one..... Unless someone wants to buy me one?
  6. Ford Mustang 1969 in silver with blue stripes. /thread.
  7. Considering how much crap the global echomy is in and the US goverment still has no money I dought they have ordered 3 let alone one multi billion dollar ships. I recon it is just speculation. anyway the only usable effiecnt rail gun is being made by General Electricts and even that starts testing in 2013 and enters possible production in 2018.
  8. Also the current rail guns are massive are require massive amounts of power. also if they have manged to figure out how make a small effiecnt rail gun why would they say they are ordering them and activly advertise it. same thing with the Sea Shadow program that ended a few years ago.
  9. Thats strange then. I was talking to a guy on arnies about it and he said it is quite common, Maybe he was talking about classic airsoft but we were on the subject of the K98
  10. Like all airsoft guns the metal will be of poor quality, but the King Arms will be alot stronger than the D-boys.
  11. It may not seem obvious but they do, regular gas rifles dont have that problem but CO2 does hence why CO2 paintball guns are so consitant.
  12. The main probelm is the consitancey. The FPS can go up and down by up to 30FPS as unlike most CO2 guns the CO2 goes straight into the barrel were normally they go into a secondary chamber to 'settle down'.
  13. Just remember be carefull with the hop-up.
  14. After a week of drying or a few days after borrowing the hairdryer and going over it for a few hours. but downt burn it out or the girl freind will kill you.
  15. You are a walking disaster. I would wait for it to dry out. and take the battery out for gods sake.