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  1. yeah, at least sometimes - used to live in Yorkshire and had Caley, Almscliffe and Ilkey all on my doorstep, but since moving down south I don't get out anything like enough (southern sandstone is vile!)
  2. the reaction on Escouts to the same question was (unsurprisingly) somewhat more negative! My mistake was saying that it would be fun - evidentially fun and guns aren't supposed to mix. Plus someone seemed to manage to make a link to gang culture from airsoft - unbelievable! I think to cover my a**e I'll send out a letter so that parents know that it won't be air rifles and let them decide - if only 5 scouts show up then they get to shoot at targets all night long.
  3. Hi - first post! As both an airsofter and Scoutleader, i had a cunning plan to turn our hut into a range for the night and do some target practice. Thought I'd spring it on them unannounced before xmas as a really "cool" evening. Obviously I'd set it up so that we had energy absorbing materials in the range (tarps/groundsheets), have a safe area, read them the riot act before hand and through my job I can get a donation of some ballistic glasses too Under Scout POR (the rules!) i know that airsoft shooting at targets (and not at each other) is fine as long as the target aren't human or animal based. However, after discussing this with our Explorer leader (a mate and who's also got his airgun shooting permit) he confirmed that it was fine under POR but that he said he wouldn't be happy to let one of his kids (one of my Scouts) shoot a replica gun at Scouts. Now I'm in two minds - rock the boat (as i knew this would), don't mention it to parents and let the scouts have a surprise cracking night shooting targets but potentially risk upsetting a load of parents (but then why are you sending them to Scouts??) or play it safe, send out a letter and permission form, ruin the surpise but those with liberal parents still get a stonking night. Any other Scout leaders on here done it and what was your approach?