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  1. Greetings all. Last time I was active here was over 3 years ago now. I'm definitely interested to see if any of the old lot are about and for those of you I've never met, I look forward to talking to you guys. A little about me: I live in Reading, I used to play primarily at AWA Herts, The Mall and Red 1 Skirmish. I'm 18 and my name is Mitchell. I currently don't own much gear, just a MOLLE vest and some pouches, what's the general consensus on AEGs now? Is it still CA and G&G being the best place to go for a high performance-low price rifle? I missed you guys.
  2. Lol, I remember that, that wad George Bennetts pouch u put it in, he was soooo p*ssed on xbox that night cus of that xD he kept asking what was so funny
  3. perhaps someone should do what he does, but so its more british based
  4. I was skirmishing with my friend and his mate once, and this sniper (who had been sitting in a bush for the past 10 minutes, making it a pain for us to advance) managed to shoot him, he then proceeds to tell us he was "Quickscoped by that noob over there" he then says he's going to sprint in and 'dolphin dive' behind a tree then take out the sniper, he tries exactly that, and found himself on the wrong end of a AK74 with obvious speed upgrades, he then comes back crying saying he was cheating, then never took his hit, and went to try get revenge and it happened again xD I never liked him...
  5. I dont see how u can game without sound Zak, I know u have yours on but very low, I cant see how you do it xD I have always found sound really important
  6. Hey, I was just wondering, who uses headsets and do you think there necessary? if you do, what do you use? I use Turtle Beach x41's thanks too my brother (He gave them to me cus they give him headaches, so he gave them too me for free) Thanks, Mitchell
  7. ...When they call my SCAR-L the SCAR-H, and when some guy also asks if its a SCAR or an ACR, shouting "RELOADING!", "GRANATA!" and other pointless things, calling me a 'camper' for covering a doorway among other things.
  8. Shame really, Saturday was a great game apart from him
  9. na I believe you Do you think you could help me with something though? i cant get the front assembly out even with undoing all the hex keys?
  10. as above, AR's are great guns, and if you have the time and money to put into it you can make it truly unique, I'm looking at getting a 6 inch barrel one atm, and you dont see many laying around, but you may be interested in going super stubby or complete change it into a designated marksmans rifle, with short mags, long barrel, fixed stock, bipod, scopes the lot whilst G36's aren't as customizable but i like em
  11. We can see where your award came from En ingles?
  12. Hi there, I'm looking for a stubby M4 for a CQB loadout but I'm not sure on make, I've seen the G&P Cracker but I heard it's not too good? or I could get a JG or something, but I'm really not sure, I'm looking for accuracy in it too, not much, but just not so terrible I can't shoot down a corridor without hitting everything but what I was aiming at. Budget doesn't really matter, as it's a long term thing, and I will be upgrading, so if its cheap I don't care either. Thanks, Mitchell
  13. If I'm honest I think I'm becoming a bit of a CQB only player, I'm considering selling all my guns and getting a pimped out stubby M4
  14. I think we have all done this at one point or another xD Another one is when you play BF3 with your airsoft team shouting out commands and playing super tactical
  15. worst case for me was at the Mall, we were fighting up some stairs and after we got too the top there was a guy in a doorway to the left not taking his hits, we had several people shooting him including me, I could clearly see mine and others BB's bouncing off him after about 10 minutes of this guy not calling his hits, one of us that he shot went back to regen, found a marshall and told him about the incident, we continued shooting this guy and we wasn't calling it, then a marshall comes up behind him and tells him to get back to safe zone now xD the expression on his face Theres also an entire team that comes to AWA and they regularly cheat in one way or another, either non-hit taking, or 'spawn trapping' us, and I think they may also talk whilst hit, but I'm not sure as there all polish and talk there language, there was one incident with them were me and this guy shot him, he didnt call his hit, and we overkilled both of us, so the guy I was with had a go at him with words I'm not going to repeat in a forum, another incident was that we were respawning on a bridge, and one of them was on the bridge, shooting us either before we respawned or just after, but a pyro sorted him