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  1. I'm playing in Dorset for the next few years whilst I'm at Bournemouth University. Ground Zero is my local, have you tried The Rock by Spec Ops or any other sites in the area? We're heading off to Combat South shortly for a game against Southampton Uni!
  2. I'm sure you'd find plenty of information if you were to search 11.1v & Mosfets... Anyway, providing you've got a standard trigger mech (not the ETU) you could use most of Gate's range (NanoAAB is cheap, WARFET for more features). Or you could go all out and get a Spectre Mk2 or Gate Titan providing they still fit into the G&G shells - the last G&G I worked on was a CM16 from 4 years ago and I installed an ASCU without problems). Most 11.1's will do, you just need to make sure it's not too large.
  3. Well damn... I've worked Saturdays for the past 6 years and doesn't look like it'll change. Fingers crossed you'll eventually do a Sunday game!
  4. Marui Recoil Scar L! It's my entry point into the NGRS line but I have a feeling I won't be turning back!
  5. I'm liking this new UI!

  6. You say you want the highest FPS possible - I assume you wouldn't want to make this into a DMR due to the size of it, so you'd be looking at 350fps. What FPS is it shooting at right now? I'd go with Hop Up, Barrel, Bucking. This is what I have in a few of my guns and they shoot great: - ProWin Hop Unit - G&G Green (Cold Resistant) Bucking - Madbull Python v2 6.03 Another setup I've had success with: - ProWin Hop Unit - PDI 6.05 Steel Barrel - Promy flat bucking - R-Hop patch - M-nub The above upgrades essentially provide more consistent backspin on the BBs, the barrel has great internal consistency which aids the flight of the BB and so on. All I know is, they work! Range is a mixture; you'd want a heavier BB (.25/.28) in order to for them to fly straighter for longer, and then the hop/nub/bucking upgrades to be able to lift the heavier BB well enough to get it out to that range.
  7. I've made 6 or 7 orders from PB over the last two years. All orders arrive within great time and I've never had a problem!
  8. I bought from this chap a while back. Took a while to arrive, he said it got sent back to him as it was damaged, so he sent it out again once I opened a dispute. I received the items about a month after the deal was made. I, however, was given a totally different email address to use for PayPal... He also asked me to close the dispute multiple times.
  9. I have an M249 and however much I love it I certainly wouldn't get it as your first weapon. Much like my VSR, it is a great gun but it's great to have the option to use it when needed, and then just use a regular AEG for the rest of the time.
  10. Yes all booked in, and I've actually booked off of work this time! (Worked Friday 18:00-02:00 & Saturday 18:00-23:00, so was all very tiring haha)
  11. I was on NATO. QRF for the first day
  12. I work part-time at my local Asda, I was working there on a Saturday night and noticed a group of 6 or 7 people I spotted earlier in the day at Operation Nutcracker. Exchanged a few words and saw them the next day.
  13. I've got a JG BAR-10. It comes with two outer barrels, left hand conversion plus original parts. Installed: - JG Bar-10 G-SPEC w/ PDI Hop v1 + Unknown 6.03mm AEG barrel (£140 + £60 + £25) - AirsoftPro 90 deg. EZ Trigger (£80) - Mancraft SDiK (£105) Not Installed: - VSR Pro w/ Original Hop + Barrel, TDC mod (£70 for the lot?) - Airsoft Pro Spring Guide (£15) - 2x Springs (500fps and 300fps) (£0) - Airsoft Pro 90 deg. Piston (£0 Free w/ Trigger) - Stock Trigger Unit (£0) - Stock Piston (£0) - Spare Original Hop Unit (£10) - Mancraft Regulator (£50) - CO2 Adaptor (£15) - QD pneumatic fittings (£5) - Spare 4mm Hose (£1) - Tournament Lock for Reg. (£10) - Repair kits for Regulator + Adaptor (£5) - Spare Left & Right Handed Receivers (Left Pictured) (£50 Custom Machined From Scratch) Accessories: - Bushnell 3-9x56E Scope (£40) - VSR Bipod (£15) - VSR Pro 14mm Adaptor (£10) - Swiss Arms 213mm Suppressor (£20) Installed on Gun: £410 Spare Parts: £231 Accessories: £85 Total New Cost: £726 Any idea on what it'd be worth now? PS: Hoping this is the correct section, I'm guessing it's classed as advice. Sorry if it's placed incorrectly!
  14. Camo: I personally use flecktarn. The more I use it, the more it wears down and the better it looks! Ghillie: I own one, but it's stayed in the closet after the first (and only) time I tried to use it. It's just not for me. Mainly dependent on field. Combat Rig: I use my belt setup (holster, 4x pistol mag pouches and a utility pouch. I also use a daypack/hydration carrier. Upgrades: I decided to go with the original PDI hop up unit with a madbull AEG TBB. I then got 90 deg. trigger, new cylinder and so on. Left hand conversion and got an SDiK. Oh I also got a PDI outer barrel because I may or may not have bent the original. If I had to do something else now it'd be getting a new hop unit and a nicer barrel.
  15. You don't want to see the mess it's in now! I clean it every so often, then it stays clean only until the next game day