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  1. Whats the rail size? And is the scope adjustable for windage etc?
  2. Seconding yellowcar here. Was wondering if the spray paints in model shops would do. Such as the tamiya paints. On searching for a link to one i found this https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01GYUR05M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_7t-GAbFZWC8RT Advertises as camo spray for airsoft paintball etc by kings arms. Anyone got experience of this?
  3. Surprised there isn't more traffic in this thread. Got the game recently and plays pretty good. Used to love the battlefield games. But 1 was a major let down for me. Hell it made me buy verdun
  4. . Im looking at getting this gun. Id like the fps max to be 345 for the sites i visit. One has a 350 fps max and only uses 0.2g bbs the other has a max fps of 345 but i can have heavier bbs. Im thinking going up to 0.25g maybe for that one. Would that hop up work fine? Is there varation in rubbers when it comes to bb weight?
  5. Where you based?
  6. Where are you based?
  7. Where you based? Is the supressor removable?
  8. Fair enough. My local shop sell the ics. But they dont have a range to try em out. I dunno where in cambridgeshire has a range and guns you can try.
  9. You tried the carbine or normal? Also rails? Is there one under the handle/sight. Id probably put a red dot acog style. Im not paying 120 for a susat
  10. Yeah the G and G was a gbb one. But thats not a thing that im particulary after. Want something thats not an m4 and has decent range etc out of the box
  11. What mags does it take? Same as the ics m4?
  12. anyone got much experience with one of these, looking at the G&G or ICS versions. i heard the ICS has propriety parts making fixes and upgrades hard? also the GBB on the G&G, will still fire if i dont put in gas to avoid making that much noise?
  13. Definately not splitting the package up? Interested in the mp7
  14. So been looking at lugers. The reviews on the we lugers seem less than good while the kwc or asg lugers seem better. Anyone got experience of these guns? I have been told that amg and kwc are the same so will that mean a kwc mag will fit in an asg luger? At £35 a mag i dont want to get it wrong.
  15. I have seen people just wearing gumshields instead of face masks. Do they work or are they just risking their teeth for a better appearence? Recently just bought a balaclava so wondering if a gum shield under that would provide me with enough protection. Though thinking about it, a shot right on the nose would probably not be pleasent.