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  1. Not another university questionnaire!

    well, figure it's time for a little update on this been having a fair bit of trouble getting the proof of concept setup done, a lot of hand winding coils and cursing the university for freaking out if you mention a circuit that's using more than 30v. whilst i've been trying to avoid sinking money and effort into designing a firing circuit until i've at least demonstrated it's a viable idea it seems like i'm going to have to go down both routes simaltaneously, sadly it's not going to be cheap but i suppose thats just how its gonna have to be.
  2. One of those days.

    this is the motto for airsoft right there gotta love something a bit different than just the standard m4, sure it's a good gun but variety is the spice of life. weathering looks good, never been for doing it intentionally myself, i just prefer to let it happen naturally, but you've done a good job there.
  3. What does airsoft cost?

    indeed, it's a hobby, something to spend money on and enjoy, if this was an rc forum we'd be talking about how much fuel we use, on a pc forum it'd be how much electricity our rigs drained, etc etc. at the end of the day it gets you out of the house, meeting new people, and doing something that you wouldn't normally do otherwise. i find it a great stress reliever, your worries of the world very quickly fade away when "**** i'm being shot at better hide" comes into play
  4. Warrior Assault m4 pouches shrinking?

    could be their bigger, polymer style mags tend to be a bit bulkier than those modeled after the aluminium mags (reference- try sticking a pmag into an f2000) although i wouldn't have thought it would have been enough to stop them from fitting a pouch.
  5. What does airsoft cost?

    it depends on the game, but a defensive game where you end up playing whack a mole with the other team for half an hour you can go through a lot. of course if i break the mg out it's guaranteed to cost i like to think of it compared to a cinema ticket, £25-30 for 8 hours entertainment works out about the same as a £7 ticket for a 2 hour film
  6. Buying a surprise gun for my son need help

    1000x this i spent a good 6 months hankering over getting one of the we gbb dragonuv's and a matching makarov for a russian loadout. i ended up buying an mg42 and a luger...
  7. What does airsoft cost?

    most of the sites here you're talking £15 for a walk on, and depending on how trigger happy you are you could go through £10 of ammo on the day plus lunch and travel, wear and tear on gear etc. of course all that pales in comparison to how much i've spent on guns gear and the relentless pursuit of accuracy. but that's a personal choice as its easy to spend much less (or indeed much more) than i do. in terms of rentals it tends to be a mix, sometimes it'll be all walk ons, sometimes it'll be majority rentals, i remember one game we had 3 rentals as a group and 3 walk.
  8. Iron Sight placement

    if you're talking about real firearms then only if both the front and rear sight are barrel mounted, although not many people can shoot well enough to make that be a factor. as others have mentioned, in airsoft it really doesn't matter as the guns are nowhere near accurate enough anyway.
  9. An interesting sidearm...

    try gear of war for lugers, they had an offer on a while back for mags i got 3 for £30 (and then promptly lost 2 of them) although i can't reccommend them as skirmishers, range is awful and the gas effeciency is non-existent. but then what else am i gonna use when lugging the mg around perhaps one of the co2 mausers? the full auto rate of fire on those things is insane
  10. Face / Eye pro

    it is a risk that's for sure, although my play style generally keeps me pretty far away from the action. 90% of the time i barely feel hits. being in northern ireland probably helps, everyone's running 1j (well, in theory) so less likely. once got railed by a guy at point blank and didn't feel it, turned out he was running 190!
  11. Face / Eye pro

    always a balance, i tend to go no mask outdoors where it's open and less chance of real up close engagement, then half mask for cqb for me its always my top lip gets hit for some reason
  12. Developing the MPM40

    the thunder v's are a bit naff, a good idea poorly executed. i don't mind the shells/cartridges so much, just that the constant cycle of leaking/light strikes etc is getting a bit samey. maybe i should just bite the bullet and get a bfg.
  13. Developing the MPM40

    that's definitely a well engineered product right there, maybe next you could turn your talents to making a thunder v style grenade that actually works?
  14. Are you a gun geek?

    are people overlooking the obvious issue that the background guns have seemingly infinite ammo?
  15. Exterior cleaning

    am i doing it wrong? my guns never get all that dirty, at most a light dusting from the house and a microfiber on the optics.