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  1. hey man if your interested we having a game this sunday 14 august post back if interested
  2. that would be awesome, north east airsoft scotland is what we are calling ourselves , http://www.facebook.com/login/setashome.ph...2&aid=33567 we are having a trial day on the 27th march before we are a go for opening, hopefully site will have matured nicely for april for the official opening day N.E.A.S North East Airsoft Scotland YE HAWWWW
  3. i konw for a fact along as you are not below 6 foot your ok, we/ve just dug 9 dug outs and are setting about to majot defendable / death traps, thrers plans for a towernot to high but high enough to get advantage, hopefully get all the major work done within the next 2 weeks, weve managed to scrunge most of the stuff, but are still waiting for 600 sandbags to turn up
  4. right the plan is we are going to make out a strategy for the site then publish it we trying to get the time and money, first plan is to get some pics up of the site before any changes give people a feel see what they think, got some work already started but we need a small igger to dig the trenchs we putting in fox holes tunnels u name we are going to have it
  5. what ill do is get some pics up, prices will probably be similiar to other sites, as we are a new site we cant provide rentals untils we get some, site is 5 miles from Banff if that helps spread the word its going to happen very soon regards fat badger
  6. hi all im new to this site, s ill keep this short we are two who are fed up going hundreds of miles to other sites in scotland so we have desided to begin our own site its starting soon we need to get some paper work sorted then its open to the public it ll be scrub / wooded area we hoping to develop the site as we go, theres plans for small cqb areas tunnelling tight areas thers is a roaded area for ambush drills and so forth, we've been to other sites and hopefully we've learnt whats best and whats not so good it would be great if i can get some feed back as to how many people are interested i will be posting photos soon of the site posted by me The Fat Badger
  7. listen i and my people are setting up a site ourselves which hopefully will up and running as soon as we get some administration sorted please keep in touch this site will be awesome hehehehehehe mahhahaha