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  1. I'm very sad to hear that Marc. Your videos have helped me a lot. They are of very high quality. I detest the people who run youtube. And facebook, and twitter. And the rest. It's high time they had some competition.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I really don't like the idea of dropping bbs into a mag with silicone puddles in it? Why on earth might this advice have been given. I know mags sometimes jam, but how would silicone prevent that?
  3. I had always assumed that since bbs should be kept clean and dry, mags should not be lubricated. According to Taiwan Gun Company all mags, including high-caps should be lubed with silicone oil before first use and at regular periods afterwards. And all mags should be stored empty. This was news to me; as was their additional advice about loading mid and low caps. They state that low and mid-cap mags should first be oiled with silicone, then loaded with only a few bbs and then "core out" whatever that means. Next the mag should be loaded with 10 more bbs than the first time and then core out again. This should be repeated until full bb capacity has been achieved. Does "cored out" mean shot off or emptied? Is this normal practice? And what do they mean by oiling? Opening the tab at the top and spraying in silicone oil willy nilly?
  4. I recently learned that JG brought out a second version of their G36 series in 2011. The 608 model was replaced by the 6681. The later gun had slightly improved internals (better shimming of the gears) but much better externals - a fibre reinforced matt black stock. All the guns I have seen for sale in the UK continue to be designated 608. Are they the older stock, or has JG just decided to call the newer gun the 608 as well. I notice that they are priced at as little as 109 quid by one retailer and over 140 by another. Could that be because they are different guns? Could the cheaper one be an original 608 and the more expensive one the improved version? Could anyone who has purchased one of these guns in the last couple of years kindly comment on the appearance of the stock. Do you think all JG G36c guns for sale this country are now the upgraded ones? in the uGcomment.
  5. Which are the best brands? Do they actually work as well as plastic ones?
  6. Thanks for your replies. And thanks for being so patient with a newby. I'm learning all the time.
  7. Thanks for all the replies and for adding to my meagre knowledge base. I had assumed that most UK airsoft guns functioned in the 320 fps region. And most unmodified aegs seem to perform at about 350 max. What is the normal limit for indoors? What is the limit for outdoors come to that. I know there is a UK legal limit but what sort of limits do various site impose? Take your point about barrel length not making much difference. It's the same with air rifles. But longer guns do give you a longer sight base. A Tokyo Marui G spec sniper rifle only does about 280-90, and with the " silencer" removed, is pretty short. But very accurate apparently. However I do realise that springers are too slow to provide effective supporting fire.
  8. I've never been in the military but it seems logical to me that when some soldiers are going forward to clear buildings etc. others are providing covering fire. So although most players use shorter weapons on indoor sites, is there a place in airsoft CQB for covering fire from full sized rifles? Has anyone ever used a sniper rifle on a CQB site?
  9. Yes it does. Thanks very much.
  10. Excuse me for butting in, but are the more expensive G&G Combat Machines (200+quid) and the Top Tech ones (about 300) equally well regarded, or is there better stuff out there for the same money? My own priority when buying a gun is reliability. I'm not very technical and can't afford to put lots of upgrades into a gun. So I look for something that will run reasonably well for a while before needing repair.
  11. Thanks for posting that excellent video which I hadn't come across before. Mark is always very good. I now know everything I need to know.
  12. Yes there's bags of advice and instructional videos out there. Unfortunately they tend to contradict each other. I found it was the same with firearms when I lived abroad and owned them. One bloke says fill an empty mag with a good 8-10 second blast of green gas. Another says no more than five seconds at a time. Another very short blasts until it's full. And so on. And almost every time I look at a maintenance video blokes are spraying the slides and trigger groups with silicone oil. Yes, some use lithium grease and keep it away from rubber but most just use silicone for everything. Even cleaning the barrel. Could I just rephrase my question? After I have lubed the refill valve and the hammer contact valve should I also dribble some oil into the gas router?
  13. I understand that the knocker valve needs to be depressed on an empty mag, and silicone oil poured into the rectangular hole at the top of the mag. Is this correct. Why do some people bleed remaining gas out of the mag after use and put a bit of maintenance gas in, while others prefer to leave a bit of green gas in? If you use only green gas is it necessary to use maintenance gas from time to time? So far I have only test fired my gbb pistol (about 30 shots) put a little more gas in and put the gun away. Should I have been diong something else? My gun didn't come with an owner's manual. That is accessed online, and a pretty thin and useless guide to maintenance it is. Hence my question.
  14. Thanks again to you all for your encouragement. I'm going to give it a go.
  15. Thanks. I didn't come across that one. I'll take your advice and use the search function on here.