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  1. No play past weekend but a goody box arrived from Zero One including a Chronograph. So have had the Gearbox out of the R85 at least 10 times now. In the end just took a wire cutter and file to the original spring which was yielding the same result as the M100. First cut delivered a tantalising 353ft/s. Just a little more and I am consistantly achieving 335 ft/s and that’ll do me. This has been a learning curve but I and the boy are hooked.
  2. Clearly a man after my own heart! I recently joined the forum with much the same story. I have been made very welcome, with some awesome advice. Hope you feel the same in a few weeks time.
  3. “Tool of the state” Well played Sir! The difficulty is when a private seller wants to sell me his RIF and I say my UKARA number is CON12345 and he is actually stuck. The number may or may not be valid but he has asked the question, got an answer and can really but take the cash. He could call the site but I wonder how often that happens. Probably better to look at the bloke you are selling to and weigh up if he is the type. I’d be really ticked off if one of my kids was irresponsible enough to be doing a deal out of the boot of their car, in pub car park, with some “hoodie Chav” because of the harm potentially to all the law abiding hobbyists but the law doesn’t stop said Chav dropping in 3 times to their local site, obtaining UKARA and starting illegal distribution to their “Homies” In honesty though it’s not kids wanting RIFs that’s the issue, its the ease with which they can and do obtain the real thing on the black market that’s the problem. That and the fact society and the press has created such a disproportionate culture of fear around firearms. Genuine literal BB deaths were probably zero. Meanwhile 215 people in this country were stabbed to death in the year to March 2017. Go Figure!
  4. Had a wakeful period in the night. To an insomniac unpicking the VCRA is nothing :-) So in terms of me as a private seller, flogging a RIF on the for sale bench at my local Skirmish to a fellow team mate, on the day would seem completely ligitimate? What more would you need to prove the buyer is a skirmisher? Making a prior booking would seem reasonable with no other defence, particularly if catching public transport in a city.
  5. Partially answering my own question Amendment in 2007 The regulations provide for two new defences. The first is for the organisation and holding of airsoft skirmishing. This is defined by reference to “permitted activities” and the defence applies only where third party liability insurance is held in respect of the activities. The second new defence is for the purpose of display at arms fairs, defined in the regulations by reference to “permitted events”. The regulations also specify the persons who can claim the defence for historical re-enactment. This is restricted to those organising or taking part in re-enactment activities for which third party liability insurance is held. For manufacturers, importers and vendors to claim one of the defences, they must be able to show that their conduct was for purpose of making realistic imitation firearms available for one of the reasons specified in the defences above. How they should satisfy themselves of this will vary from case to case and it might be advisable for them to keep a record of this for each transaction. In some cases they could ask to see, for example, a letter from the commissioning film or television company. In others, for example an importer, they might want to rely on orders from a supplier to the film industry. For re-enactments, it would be advisable to ask to see any membership card and to check that either the individual or the re-enactment society holds the required insurance. For airsoft skirmishing, the Association of British Airsoft is putting in place arrangements to allow retailers to check that individual purchasers are members of a genuine skirmishing club or site. The key elements of these arrangements are: new players must play at least 3three times in a period of not less than two months the two months before being offered membership membership cards with a photograph and recognized format will be issued for production to retailers a central database will be set up for retailers to cross-check a purchaser’s details a member’s entry on the database will be deleted if unused for 12 months. The defence for airsoft skirmishing can apply to individual players because their purchase of realistic imitation firearms for this purpose is considered part of the “holding” of a skirmishing event
  6. Sorry guys, still intrigued by the VCRA. Can somebody point out the bit of the Act that defines a skirmisher or skirmish or makes skirmishing the same standard as a historical re-enactment Group which is specified in the Act? I was somewhere the the other day where a chap was explaining UKARA and definitively said “illegal to own” a RIF without UKARA. Made me cock my head. Far from illegal to own or buy, UKARA is a Defence for the seller. Specifically the retailer because as far as I can see nobody else has access to the database. It helps them to prove they have checked that someone is a regular user of an insured site. If I privately sell my RIF to a bloke on a skirmish day what other proof do I need to need that he wants it for that purpose? If indeed a Skirmish has the weight of Historical Re-enactment for the purpose of a specific defence to the Act.
  7. My order went in on 31st for the rifle and 2 spare mags at about £500 Sterling. I expect to get hit for +\- £100 Duty. Should arrive in April. Yes it’s a damn pity but I’ve made the commitment now. Its a shame. Anything goes wrong I will come back to you.
  8. 6 days too late! Mine is due to ship end of March.
  9. Mine takes 2.5 seconds. Apparently you can cook them to vary this. I’m too scared and 2.5 is ok. Mine is striped in Pink and Dayglo green tape as anti camo.
  10. Thanks Clumpy. Had never heard of such a thing but makes complete sense!
  11. I'm a Newbie and I have to say one of the things that sold me on the idea of airsoft was the "pyro" thing. I bought the Dynatex Impact and Timed grenades as its easy to see the benefit of both in play. From an engineering standpoint I think they are excellent. You have the flexibility of 9mm blanks and shotgun primers which can be reset really quickly. I am really hunting for that elusive first grenade kill. (First game was in woodland and the soft ground meant my Impact Grenade failed to detonate at a critical point) I was looking at a Novoritsh Grenade video last week which is the Airsoft Innovations Burst XL. Frankly this is laughable by comparison. Solid enough certainly but you need gas diaphragms and time to reset. The Dynatex impact grenade particularly you could use to clear a bunker, and then easily reset in the field with another blank so you could use it to defend the bunker.
  12. Well, second game yesterday at Warminster and had a lot of fun. Boy was this week armed with his new prized possession, a GBB pistol alongside his trusty AEG, scored no kills but tried to Pew Pew everything with the pistol and loved it. However being a typical 12 year old he dropped the pistol in the mud and he dropped the magazine in the mud - twice- and so dear old Dad spend an hour cleaning mud out of every crevice of it last night. Luckily all of my real firearms kit for this job fits this job too. I wish I had taken pictures of how much I got out! Cleaned and lubricated and its runs fantastically again. He was also rocking a Sparta mask this week but the site was concerned about the lack of side protection so he had to wear glasses underneath anyway. I think I can mod the mask to cover this, just needs a bend and trim with a Dremmel to fit under the rim of the helmet. I had also knocked up my own set of face protection this week courtesy of last weeks reminder in the teeth. I wired a mesh face shield through the ventilation holes in a pair of Bolle Commanders. This worked really well, I just wish I could get my spectacles not to fog up when I've got a sweat on! Its becoming apparent that you can waste a lot of money in this sport optimising load out for the individual. At half time, my lad swapped to the Commanders and I went back to my range glasses with the prescription inserts and no face protection for which I got sniped in the cheek. My R85 continues to irritate me. Now on its 4th spring and the FPS was an unbelievable 218! So much for the M95. I think I'm going to have to buy a chronograph. Was still achieving 50m with it on a high arc of fire but I'm now convinced snipering is the way to go for me.
  13. Hello I wonder if you are still after this information after all this time? I cannot compare the two for you but I own and have now skirmished with my R85. It is quite heavy but it is well built. Internally the lower gear box is metal. The upper gears themselves are plastic. The word on the net is that I have bought myself problems. The Blow Back system is weak and that has been disabled on mine from day one. The piston is not standard apparently. However this place seems to have overcome the lot of that and if I break mine this is where it is going. Still cheaper than an ICS? The rifle out of the box will push 400fps so you will be into it for springs if you find one new from day one. I have so far put in a M100 to no noticeable change and M90 for 280fps and will this weekend try a Sp95. Watch this space! Hopefully this saves someone some money and aggravation. I have a solid amount of experience on the SA80A2 and the rifle feels very authentic. Mags are standard M4. The only ones that wont fit so far are Magpul eMags. All told I'm pleased with my rifle. I didn't buy it to skirmish but its up there with the big boys when I have.
  14. So have had a new spring arrive which I look forward to fitting on Saturday. "Look forward" might be a bit strong. Lots of other fun bits have arrived courtesy of the Bay. Have just booked again for Sunday!
  15. So I'm thinking solid gun, 30m more range, proper accuracy with great residual value? Had a go with a standard VSG10 the other day. Thought is was meh. There is one on sale at the moment with all the Nov upgrades for £450 with a pile of stuff I have n direct use for. Possibly save myself a couple hundred quid going that way over a new set up. I know from my firearms the pleasure you get from using good kit. Torn guys, torn.