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  1. Well Hello!

  2. I want to start airsofting

    Please don't buy that mask
  3. First Milsim

    I'm hoping this event is at least decent enough to get the squad interested, as we've all decided if we enjoy the style of milsim, we will at some point go over to America to do a MSW event, which looks f*cking amazing
  4. First rifle problems

    Contact the place you bought it from. As said above, the tag may be utter bullshit. Failing that, find a local site that you can chrono at. Yes, it's a ball ache but I've had to take a trip just to get something chrono'd before (was a 2hr drive i think). If it IS firing hot, contact the store and inform them they've sent you an illegal firearm, and you want a safe replacement sent back.
  5. Hello from a noob

  6. I want to start airsofting

    That looks like an awfully expensive amount of sh*t just to not get your eye poked out. I'd honestly suggest staying away from both of those overpriced ass helmet things and sticking with a goggles + lower face mask setup. There's a reason most people run that. Also - That stuff is mandatory. I get that your parents won't know that, but you can't play non-rental without it, so it's a relatively moot point. As I said, your best bet is to stick to rentals now and just explain to them that it costs you more money to not buy a gun.
  7. I want to start airsofting

    Like what?
  8. Pistol Advice Please

    Bollocks. That's my next purchase
  9. Pistol Advice Please

  10. I want to start airsofting

    Then you're stuck with doing rentals. Your best bet at that point is to calmly explain to them you're going to be playing airsoft regularly, and without your own equipment it actually just makes it more expensive. Remember: You're 14. They are your parents. My sister is 14 and I wouldn't trust her with any of my guns, because, put simply, she is an idiot and would almost definitely end up hurting herself or someone else. That is exactly how your parents will think (possibly with the exclusion of the idiot part)
  11. G&G CM16 Raider - Short HELP Needed with low FPS

    A quick google has told me that both the 2.0 version and the 1.0 version of the CM16 Raider should be firing at 320. I'd get in contact with the store you purchased it from immediately, as they may have (unknowingly) sent out a faulty firearm.
  12. ICS L85A2 parts advice

    I don't know how compatible they are (Seeing as they're modeled after the same gun I'll assume they should be similar/the same) but I used a Burst Wizard 3 mosfet in my G&G L85, although this is a blowback rifle.
  13. Buying a surprise gun for my son need help

    Going shopping with him is definitely the better option, trust me on that.
  14. Wet weather gear?

    Advice on the 'two many layers' thing - Get some clothing than wicks sweat. Trust me, it'll help bucket loads (pun intended)
  15. SISU Mouthguards?

    People like that genuinely need to have some further repercussion other than just a ban from one site. Yes, I understand that eventually you would run out of (at least) local sites, but still. No real repercussions. Also - at any of the sites I've played at, I could very easily have faked 'me'. No ID is ever required, all I need to do is write down some details.