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  1. I'll check em out, ta!
  2. Thankyou sir, can't beat a bit of flannel. I confess I am addicted to these kinds of shirts and red is my favourite colour. I can't believe I'm nearly a 40 year old adult and I still have a favourite colour. smh...
  3. I had a great night, how did you fair mate?
  4. Good skirmish tonight at the Mall. Took a few proper close pinger in the forehead, now look like Sloth from Goonies.

  5. Your childs toy that can still take an eye out permamnenelty under the right, or should I say wrong circumstances. In all seriousness, I played my first half dozen games with a black and bright blue shotgun and nobody judged me.
  6. Guess what turned up in the final hours....?



  7. Yep. You can zip tie the lower face mesh to the goggles, can keep the straps on as optional. Get a snood doubled over for your neck. Fit them close to your helmet and you should be golden. My face pro has a double strap and my beard helps it stay in place. But i use glasses over goggles because of sweating/condensation issues. The bandana is to protect my neck as I get too hot in snoods.
  8. When your parcel is out for delivery and you got nothing to do but stare at the door...

    1. sonofsammo


      When you realise you've missed the postman, so just "pop out" to see if you can find him....

    2. L3wisD
    3. Duff
  9. Bag finally arrived.... setting up a snare on the driveway incase I miss the pistol being delivered.

    1. LightningCh


      I imagine you still missed it lol


      The amount of times the postie hasn't bothered to knock the door!! Im 100% sure i could sit on my doorstep from 3am onwards and still get a note through the letterbox saying "sorry we missed you"

    2. Duff


      It has to arrive tomorrow or I have no sidearm tomorrow night!!!! :o

    3. LightningCh


      Clocks ticking then lol. Hopefully it arrives in time.

  10. Believe it or not, Airsofters smell way better than those who frequent Games Workshop!
  11. Silencers fit to the barrel, not the slide sir.
  12. Waiting on Parcelforce like a dog hungry for trousr!!!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Duff


      Gun bag and pistol on it's way to me!

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Well ParcelForce had a bit of trouble a fortnight ago in the snow.....




      yeah think their run of luck ran out a bit on that delivery

    4. djben9


      Luckily my patches arrived at 1640.... lazy postman :lol:

  13. I will remove it as slowly as possible in an attempt to retain as much anal pube as possible!