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  1. I do love the weathered look. Some of your handguns are quite frankly, astonishing mate.
  2. But does it *POOMPF* eject the shells when you crack it?
  3. I've been trying to think of a working mechanism to get an over-under reload action on a something like a short sawnoff double barrell. There's nothing really like that I could find on the market and I would love love LOVE to try and make or mod something.
  4. I have an obsession with shotguns, I really would like to get my hands on a Secutor Velites. Also not a fan of the colour scheme but that can easily be remedied. It's something I would do to this: https://bunker501.nl/shop/airsoft-guns/aps-cam870-mkii-red-edition/ Imagine a patina nickel on the reciever... If I could afford such sexniess!
  5. That is the single most ugly, yet most beautiful thing... I have ever seen!
  6. Dude, my first game at The Mall I had major rainforrest issues inside my fullface mask, I was running around blind 80% of the time and didn't run into/off of anything large or spikey so that's a win.
  7. The way I work it out is, 2 games a month = 24 games a year, give or take, so 30 pairs is more than enough for the entire year including spares. I pop 'em in before I leave the house, taking spare lenses for both eyes and my glasses with me, should I actually lose more than one lense, (never happened but you never know.) Then just take them out immediately after the last game when in the safe-zone packing up.
  8. You mean you can't see his camo boots?
  9. £24.99 gets me 30 pairs of daily disposables with Specsavers. Monthlys cost a lot more, around £15 a pair which you have to buy in packs of 3, so £45 which is a bit steep for my liking. Therefore I find it better and cheaper to use dailies in case you lose one and have to pop in a spare. Also, no fussing around with solutions or lense containers.
  10. Prescription change is my guess, hence why I use contact lenses as they're a lot cheaper than re-glazing every time your eyesight changes.
  11. Sounds easily doable. Hope to see you there in the near future.
  12. Look on the GWR rail app. Late night Sunday is the cheap/slow option, weekdays are regular price. You won't need a car to get from Reading train station to the site, it's a 2 minute walk. So as long as you can get to Paddington with your gear, you're golden.
  13. Oooh.... how tall are you? I'm 5"9 but my legs are a 31inch in-seem, these would be ideal for me as they're dark and I like hiding in the dark. Just worried they'd be too long. Any chance you could measure the inside leg for me?
  14. My first airsoft project. Not had the gun even 3 months and it's in bits. Finishing off the respary tomorrow night. When I will also start my JG M4 build. 99% 2 tone gone using Methylated spirit. Matt black respray and at a later date I will plastidip the grip so it has a nice rubberised feel.