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  1. Make: VP Racing Item: 8.4 1600ma NI-MH Stick Battery Condition: New Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/y/n Price/Payment: £10 + Postage Pictures: Was bought as a replacement battery but was never used as rifle was rear wired and is too long for the crane stock.
  2. i would like to say this is a great place to get repairs done and great value for money and a quick turnaround will be recommending this place to other guys i skirmish with.
  3. yeah must of missed the magazine bit but just to clarify this one should work right
  4. i recently got given a ISSC M22 pistol Co2 and cant seem to find any magazines that will work with this pistol if anyone knows which ones will work will be a big help
  5. you can get them at any army surplus stores or websites i got mine from military kit but there are loads of them out there
  6. i do run now a mtp load out and all the stuff i have ordered are a good fit from straight conversion, its what i do as a cadet instructor 99% of the time comes bang on the needed size.i know most places will change them if they are too small i tend to use military kit website as they are very good at changing sizes
  7. with a 38" the size you would need would be either 80-96-112 or 85-96-112 dependent on your inside leg
  8. with with NATO sizing everything is in centimeters so the first number is your inside leg, middle number is waist size, and the last number is your seat size hope this helps
  9. i have been looking at giving that a try once i get my ukara number with airsoft GB or possibly Combat Airsoft in thetford
  10. mine is Black Dog Airsoft
  11. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Was a bit slow with messages but it was expected this time of year, was very polite and answered all queries and kept me up to date on the staus of the item
  12. the condition can depend as it is usually graded either 1 or 2. Grade 1 being used with everything working and no repairs done or rips or tears, Grade 2 having repairs may have been made to holes, rips and tears and these items generally have seen more wear than Grade 1
  13. cheers for all the info, i have been getting British surplus gear almost got all my mtp gear now, with gun brands i do have a cyma m4 as an old friend who gave up airsoft just gave me his old weapon but it seems to lack power so i think i will stay away from cyma
  14. hey everyone I'm smoorenator I have played my first airsoft game at Airsoft GB at Great Bromley near Colchester is a good site with fasted paced games. Really good info on this site guides ect, luckily i kept my old combats from the royal navy and from being an old cadet instructor, i am looking at getting a L85 A2 when i get my UKARA number as i am used to the bullpup style of shooting and found the airsoft version nice to use as one player was kind enough to let me try it out for one game. I am currently rebuilding my MTP set webbing and plate carrier ect as mtp works better at this site only question is really what brands should i be using or avoiding?