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  1. Loving my insomnia as always lol. Gotta be up at 6am in order to get ready and drive to the Gaol... Currently 1:32am... Probably wont sleep now.

  2. Everyone says the MK23 is huge but in its core form, it's not so bad. Hi Capa's are only a bit smaller (although the MK23 is wider than the hi capa, which is weird to me since they are both double stacked mags) But when you chuck the LAM and the suppressor on... Erm.. Suddenly it's huge lol. (LAM is unpainted because it's never been used, and doesn't fit in the kydex holster)
  3. Hey all, This isn't asking about mixing brands in a mag, but the Nuprol types (1.0 and 2.0) As it stands, all of my GBBP mags are loaded with Nuprol 2.0 Green gas, but they have rough amounts in (2 second burst for storing them, they are cold to the touch) I'm running low on 2.0, but I have a spare bottle of Nuprol 1.0 (blue and white cans) Just wondering if I can mix these gases within the mag, or will I be better off just using the mags til they are empty of 2.0 and then filling them up with 1.0 afterwards? Any one know? Cheers.
  4. Let me get my bush hat out (again this is from the bundle i collected today lol) You can get mounts with reinforcements in (when i think about it, it may be custom made) Front view This does hold the go pro up quite well despite its a fabric hat. Yet to actually try it through as i haven't got the locking bolt to hold the go pro case in place. Also noticed that you may not be able to push the cam back properly with this though..? Need to test it, once i have a screw that fits the mount, ill test this for you all
  5. It really was lol, I have a little 2 door corsa (the sniper in its case takes up 90% of the width of the car, doesn't even fit in the boot lol) and the boot was just crammed full with gear.
  6. Oh I do agree, this will probably stand out really badly at Stormforce it's 100% more for "looking the part" lol. But with the distances Stormforce offers, you will either be easily visible, or way too far away to be seen lol. But I'll be the only ghillie wearing player anyway so I'll stand out for that reason alone lol
  7. It's a Jackal Ghillie suit by Jack Pyke Retailers online are showing its £100+ I got it preowned when I bought the VSR 10 and MK23 in the bundle I posted here Where he got it from I don't know though. I paid £600 and got kryptek mandrake stuff, action cam, and all sorts lol.
  8. Yeah thanks lol, Just looked again and the leafy suit I got is much thinner, so that will be better for summer wear lol. Although probs will have to wear Camo beneath it as its like mesh between the leaves.
  9. Oh it will definitely get hot in there lol. It's quite thick, Something to get used to though. Proabably wont be too bad for me as I don't usually overheat (will in Summer, but will probs just wear a basic camo BDU for that)
  10. No I mean like it fell down over my face so you can't see my face. I could see perfectly fine through it.
  11. Yup, somehow, I was surprised myself. I did adjust it and brush it aside before the photo but it immediately fell down over my face as I started to aim lol
  12. Because when you buy a sniper, why not have a ghillie suit thrown in lol
  13. I wish... I'm at the Gaol tomorrow lol Will probably be middle of April before I get back to a woodland game due to work schedules (which changed after i paid for this lol)
  14. is that with .2s? or .25s? Because Krytacs are usually overpowered for our limits if anything, Although I remember my MK2 Krytac barely fired 310fps, and in the end it turned out to be a bad o ring that came as such from the factory. Replaced it and now it shoots 350 on the dot lol.
  15. Got myself an upgraded VSR10 and MK23 (also have the LAM but its never been used and unpainted)