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  1. Thanks for your thoughts gents, looks like this one then: https://www.rifleworks.co.uk/collections/sights/products/replica-specter-dr-style-1x-4x-magnifier-illuminated-scope-with-quick-detach-mount
  2. I originally was just going to add a FTS magnifier to my red dot sight, for longer range engagements rather than the CQB I currently do. After some research I think that the quality and set up of the magnifiers, looks poor. Has anyone got experience of these, good or bad? The other option is a scope with a docter sight on top, wouldn't want iron sights on. Something like: http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-sights-scopes/we-europe-phantom-4-x-32-elcan-specter-doctor-sight.htm#.WqjJ2oGQGrU but I'm wondering how practical a fixed x4 would be, on an Airsoft rifle? is there a adjustable zoom version, perhaps with illuminated reticules, if so could you do without the reflex sight maybe? TIA
  3. Exactly, the rip of Velcro can give the game away, say when they're stacking to attack the room you're in, and you want to counter attack
  4. Anyone know of any COST EFFECTIVE TRMR holders, for onto a MOLLE vest I'm not really happy in spending £20+ on a small piece of plastic, albeit one that has been 3D printed. Surely someone is selling similar, but in volume, so can pass on the saving? If not would people be interested and what would they be willing to pay, realistically? TIA
  5. I know this is a very old post, but couldn't help noticing you mentioned a holder for your TRMR primers? At the moment I'm using a tic tac box, hardly ideal. have you got a pic please? cheers in advance
  6. One on the right's plate carrier has shrunk in the wash!!
  7. @Sako an FPSO is oil tanker size +, it would have a better layout accordingly. Most other smaller ships have more of a basic one. So your both right really
  8. @Duff wasn't really thinking of play, just a long range for zeroing, targets etc. what realistically would snipers be looking for. But if the site was both indoor and outdoor, would be OK for snipers.....
  9. What about an indoor range, for up to sniper distances?!
  10. PS. Buy some soap on a rope, top tip!
  11. Phoenix is 40 mins away, might wait until the weathers better though! @LightningCh, could you keep me posted in how you find it "inside"
  12. Searched for similar posts, last was over 2 years ago so....... what sites are people using around the Derby/ shire area? prepared to travel about an hour, if it was guaranteed to be epic!! But obvs. Closest would be good. any advice/ experiences etc.
  13. Cracking idea, not sure it'd be possible in an East Midlands site. Don't think it'd be that hard to recreate, but could be a nightmare with bottlenecks?
  14. So would the popular choice be CQB then not a mixture, just hardcore CQB? What game types are people's favourites? What would the ratio of marshals to players be and their expected day rate? How far would people be prepared to travel for a good site? I'd be interested in any opinions, on or around the subject. Especially from marshals. PM me if you'd like.