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  1. Cheers for the help, I reckon that'll be my next purchase then
  2. Aengus at the risk of labouring the point, am I right in saying you couldn't just haver the xcortech 3300W MK2 functioning as a counter/ countdown, it would flash as well?
  3. But CarloBear, would the tracer still flash and potentially give away my postion?
  4. Great info there L3wisD, thanks! not sure about the comment of using tracer as a running low indicator, as expensive? I can get tracer rounds for 4p for 10, and I wouldn’t need many..... do you know if the tracer with counters eg. Xcortech X3300W MK2, can use the counter without the tracer function?
  5. Hello all, Advice from experienced members appreciated, regarding tracers. I would like to use a mid cap switchable 30/125 magazine, for the option of more realism, and getting rid of the noise and hassle of winding mags. I do CQB in a dark/ darkish environment. Would it be practical to use a tracer unit and tracer rounds in the bottom of the mag, to indicate that I'm running low on rounds? I simply can't justify the expense of the tracer units with count down displays and alarms etc. Would this give away my position if it was lighting up on every round going through, although only illuminating the tracer rounds obviously? What would the ratio or normal to tracer rounds be, as I don't want to give away my postion having all tracer rounds? How many magazines would people normally carry, as I've just been using the hi cap 300 odd one I got with the gun, and topping up between games. I realise I may have to alter my playing style! Cheers in advance
  6. Cheers mate, yeah hard not to get conflict on the different items isn't it.
  7. Cheers gents, Monkman I'm trying to imagine how you've fixed the face guard onto the helmet, any chance of a pic please?
  8. After quickly realising that this hobby will not be good for my hearing, with 120db grenades going off next to my head. I need hearing protection/ comms for my one Tigris fast helmet. I was thinking of the Earmor M32H (or similar?) but I have an integrated visor that fits to the rail, so no room for placement of the headphones?! Surely this can't be the first time someone's encountered this problem, any advice would be gratefully received......
  9. Ah just the ticket, thanks
  10. I nearly lost the pin on my dynatex BFG yesterday. Ive looked for replacements but everywhere seems out of stock?! is there an alternative you could use? what about attaching the pin to the grenade?! cheers in advance
  11. Cheers mate, think I was looking at those.
  12. Gents, advice needed please! looking for a mid cap magazine (preferably switchable to 30 rnds) for a G&G GC16. anyone got any experience of the same? cheers
  13. Looking for a good, competitively priced impact grenade. is it between the oshiboom or dynatex dominator/ decimator, and the differences between please? cheers
  14. Thanks for info, I'll bear it in mind. Can you give me advice as to what maintenance would be needed on the gun, and the frequency of any work? there is nothing in the "manual" supplied with gun, what's that about?!
  15. Yeah I went for the G & G GC 7" wild hog in the end, after firing a few. Good price from patrol base, Huddersfield. they seemed knowledgeable and helpful (Need more than one till though ) Cheers for the advise guys