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  1. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yes Any other comments: fast postage, great comms. Great seller.
  2. I've purchased from Taiwan gun several times, if you put your UKARA either in your name or business address you should have no troubles...
  3. .
  4. hi mate, I've brought one now. Thanks for the reply though.
  5. Morning mate,

    can't seem to PM you, can you give me a shout when you get a minute?


  6. Hi Mate, you still selling this? cheers
  7. not sure pal, you interested in getting one?
  8. they're the same thing
  9. as far as I'm aware they are the same thing
  10. No thanks pal, Still looking for a new M4
  11. Overall rating (1 - 10): 9 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yes Any other comments: quick delivery, kept me updated for a nice quick sale. 1 mag was leaky but life goes on.
  12. I've been using revision sawfly's for about 12 months, nice and comfortable, i'd much recommend these over mesh goggles. You can pick them up from ebay for about £15. Just my opinion though
  13. definitely get a decent set of goggles and a lower face mask, not sure about the rifs, I've got no experience with them. also get a decent pair of gloves and good pair of boots!
  14. Make: Any Gun/Model: M4 Desired Condition: used Desired FPS: 310-330 Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n Budget: please delete
  15. is this for anything at all? or only for certain stores?