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  1. Price drop. £380.
  2. Price drop. Original post edited. £400.
  3. Make: ARES Gun/Model: L1a1 (version 1) Accessories: Rhodesian Chest rig (New reproduction), 5 x mags, 1 x 1600 mini battery, SLR sling Condition: Very Good FPS: 370 (semi-auto only) Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: £400 Price drop to £380. Pictures: See below. This is an original (slightly larger than 2016 release) L1a1 SLR. It has had around 3000 rounds through it, has just been serviced prior to sale and shows minimal signs of wear and tear. Only reason selling is I can’t see myself going to many events in the next two years and can’t justify it sitting around. Happy to answer questions. As the information says, not open to splits, swaps or part exchanges as it’s only due to lack of airsoft time that I am selling this and a few other RIFs, so can’t justify bringing others into the house.