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  1. If you can post this i will take it thanks.
  2. Its the mag gas route seal I'm after if anyone has one. the wel g17 is the same.
  3. Make: ksc m11 Item: magazine Desired Condition: any Swaps/Part Exchange: n Budget:
  4. I may have a maruzen m11 with two mags for sale if interested. Sorry no it's ksc
  5. Took gun apart today cleaned it and moved internals back and forth. Seems to work ok now. Yay result.
  6. Hi can anyone help. My Maruzen mp5 fires perfect for about 15 to 20 rounds. Then just vents all the gas. Tried different types. Even tried firing inside for warmer temps. Thanks for help in advance. Nikko.
  7. Would you post this?