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  1. Top man, appreciated
  2. Am interested mate.
  3. all part of the fun mate
  4. Cheers for the Bandoleer link mate, and nice pic (had to zoom a bit lol!)... looking the part my friend. its a proper good setup you've got mate.... like the way your primary can be easily dropped to the right and out the way so you can quickly goto the pistol or whatever... the low profile nature of the setup also appeals. Am guessing you too have had a journey of trial and error re loadouts.... and now have ended up with a well thought out setup that suits you.. this is what im trying to achieve now. that's a good idea re modding that sling to the bandoleer btw... as you say its so effing cheap that if it doesn't work then meh... whatever..... next!
  5. haha push up!! I CANT?!?!
  6. hello mate, nothing wrong with it tbh...still gonna use it. bought the serpa holster to attach glock to front when I use it however I want the option to run a more lightweight & less restrictive loadout with nothing on the front JPC/Chest rig wise, which will be especially great when it starts warming up a bit more... also like the sound of the Bandoleer setup Tackle runs.. just trying to keep open mind at the moment and try a few different things until I find 1 or 2 that are my goto setups for the sites that i will be visiting most.
  7. hi mate, a space thing really, as now running glock in the fobus holster off battlebelt only (this is my non Jpc/chest rig setup), and what with my smokes/pyro, dump/utility bag etc all being on the belt its getting a little crowded and ive struggled reaching the things that are 'too far round' the back/side of the waist.. hoping the panels will be perfect solution as will be able to see them/access them easy... at least that's the plan mate. anyway they are pretty damn cheap on TG (just over a fiver for the 8fields) so giving this setup a go isn't going to be a massive dent.. Cheers Gaz
  8. main reason for running 2 was that I've been told that its better to have 2 to offset each other (see below comment from one of the posts above).. also was thinking along the lower profile lines so no need to stack.... and don't really want other mags too low down for ease of quick access... going to mod mine to ride as high as (comfortably) possible..... do you have a pick of your leg panel please mate? Gaz
  9. hello mate, something like this?
  10. see what you mean re the bandoleer with the pistol above the ‘moob ‘...... have seen a pic of similar setup on another thread, although the fella seems to have fitted to a strap on either a backpack or battle belt suspenders strap.. is it still easy wearing and accessing the sling pack with that setup? (Molle bandoleer etc)
  11. Mate nice load out.... especially liking the way the pistol is mounted! what pistol/holster is that? Gaz
  12. Make: Concept Tactical Item: TRMR E1 Desired Condition: useable ie not broken or on its way out.... scratches I can handle Swaps/Part Exchange: n/a Budget: show me a price - looking for the TRMR including the multishot base preferably however would take a standard TRMR also... a purpose built Molle holder for it is also a big plus. cheers!
  13. cheers everyone for taking time to reply with experience/ideas. and after all that I think I'm gonna give the following a go for fast and lightweight (hopefully) loadout: Drop (don't use) JPC/Chest Rig's Battle Belt - to hold Glock, Smokes, MK5 Flashbangs, dump bag x2 Drop Leg Panals such as to house M4 mags on right leg and Glock Mags on the left.......still thinking about how many? and also which kind of mag holder (fast mag/Velcro pouch??) Backpack (sling variety that can be carried on front or back for easy access) to hold extra bb's (3000+ pot), Green Gas, Waterbottle pouch on side and utility pouch for keys/fags/goggle wipes/protein bar or 2/speedloader etc)..... I think the above gives me all I need (obvs excluding head/eye pro which is another conversation) for a good day skirmishing? Love my JPC & Large backpack however think I will keep that for bigger sites/longer games... especially when I finally do a Milsim or a weekender of some sought (Roll on May UK vs USA!)... all thoughts and opinions welcome... am still quite new to this so be gentle... as I say this is what I 'feel' may suit me and not me saying this is the best and what everyone should do!!... **Special mention for Tackle re the idea of Sling Pack and the drop panels... will order this stuff and report back with pics to hopefully help others with similar dilemma.. sorry, last thing... does anyone here have experience with putting their pistol on front of jpc using something like this? Gazza
  14. mate, I like the sound of that... did you get one?
  15. Cheers fellas