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  1. Thanks for response. Think I will get someone to do it for me. Have thought for a while about getting a cheap second hand aeg to strip and practice on.
  2. Ok thank you, I’ve never done anything to a airsoft weapon before, was willing to have a go but not if there’s to much risk doing any damage.
  3. I’ve got a Prometheus inner barrel and a eagle6 m100 spring to fit. Is this easy to do or get a tech to do it? thanks
  4. Has any one used 0.30 or best to just stick to 0.25s?
  5. Ok thanks, I’ve been using 0.20 for cqb and 0.25 for woodland games, was wondering if there was any benefit of using 0.28 or 0.30 or just stick to what I’m using.
  6. What weight bb’s do you find best with your tm recoil’s, thanks.
  7. Make: Item: Desired Condition: Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget