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  1. Hi all, I am looking for a way to strap my gopro hero 3 on my head, in a way that doesn't annoy the crap out of me.. Right now I'm using the sh*tty head strap, which is terrible because the elastic bands are already done and I can't really see where the camera's looking at, resulting in full 20 minutes clips showing only my gun and feet or looking at the sky.. I know there's BrainExploder stuff out there but atm it's out of my reach (ehm, €60+shipping for a piece of 3d printed plastic?).. I mainly wear bush hats and ball caps, helmets are just a nono for our environments (lots and lots of branches to snag on them).. Next week I'll buy a 10000 mAh battery pack to extend the crappy battery life (right now it lasts about a hour, maybe something less) so there's also that and the wiring to consider.. How do you strap yours? What mods can I do to my head strap to make it less crappy?
  2. Hooked it on the back of my car with a cinder block on it and went for a ride on a dirt road, then dumped it in the mud several times.. The first time I wore it I couldn't bend lol.. Ditched it after selling my vsr10, I was so tired of sniping that I couldn't even look at a magnified optic without the need to drink bleach xD While it's true that a well made ghillie has a lot of natural material on it, the base tone must be somewhat similar to the environment, otherwise it's like trying to hide a black bear in the arctic..
  3. Pre made ghillies suck imo.. Most of the times your surroundings won't match the ghillie shape/colour making you stand out more than a pink t-rex costume.. I made one, took me ages to find the correct colour tones and arrangement to make it work, but at the end of the day you couldn't see me within 20 feet from you..
  4. Wait what? Is he Italian? Or did I just get Jebaited as hard as humanly possible?
  5. Yet you can still find IS propaganda bullshit on there along with gender neutral asexual feminist vegans vlogs on how to not vaccine your kids and have them rejected by elementary schools (happened here in Italy lol).. This society is dumbing down everything, everything has to be politically correct and if you say "gun" you're a terrorist.. I hope you get your channel back Marc.. Also, f*ck YouTube, that's not a valid reason to quit airsoft at all unless you're novritsch and you can't sell your overpriced bolt action anymore..
  6. While I do love knives, I found Gerber steel to be quite cheap.. I have the BG paracord knife, bought solely because of the lack of things that can go wrong (fancy scales, moving parts, stupid blade profiles).. It's a Chinese stainless steel that takes ages to properly sharpen, I had to actually grind a new bevel on mine xD But hey, if it works for you, be my guest
  7. It does! I'm surprised because I thought it was going to look horrible, but it actually stands out over a-tacs fg (team camo, the one we wear for tournaments) and makes a nice "disruptive" effect with the shades, tones and the lack of edges in the pattern.. If it works well I may even get a set of a-tacs AU to pair with it.. iX is meant to be a mix of both AU and FG patterns..
  8. I'm surprised, that two tone doesn't even look bad!
  9. Be a man, slap a 4x32 scope on your mk23 and snipe with that
  10. "It is not believed that the airsoft guns stolen are capable of being converted to functioning firearms" Slap a 5.56 in an airsoft m4 and watch it explode, given you can fit one and strike the primer.. It sucks though..
  11. It's the first time I see someone on an airsoft forum asking for money to buy a gun lol. Wo1f grab some for me too, I'll get the beers
  12. Plus you can always buy or make a new selector instead of forging a new receiver
  13. Well, next restock will be by June apparently.. But I couldn't just wait 3 months to get one. Turned out a-tacs iX isn't that bad after all Fun fact: I was asked for a delivery period, I chose from 10 am to noon, at 10:01am the courier knocked the door lol
  14. Helikon Tex Training Mini Rig in A-Tacs iX Delivered in less than 24h from the purchase.. I believe it's one of the last ones available here in Italy..
  15. Another update: Just ordered it in a-tacs iX, delivery should be tomorrow within lunch time.. Will write a review on next week