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  1. Also, if it's freezing cold I use some really thin silk glove liners (or undergloves, or whatever, small thin gloves that go between your skin and the gloves), a thin lycra OD balaclava and some wool socks.. It's rare to be playing in sub zero temperatures here though, in all my airsoft career it happened only twice but the games were so fast pace and with little to no break in between that we never had the chance to "freeze our asses off"
  2. I barely change anything.. In winter I run my chest rig, belt and full bdu. In summer I only run my belt and a t-shirt or a lighter bdu.. I run around a lot so I don't really need warm clothing..
  3. Ze German limit is overkill, if the highest power gun fires at 100m you need to have at least a 200m buffer zone.. That's A LOT of terrain unused..
  4. That'd be great actually, I have a kwa g19 with a broken magazine, and I can't fix it nor find any spares online..
  5. Regarding safety.. Since in Italy we don't have fields like yours, every team applies their safety policies.. Our team's policy is: your eyepro must be on from the moment you plug the battery in your gun to the moment you unplug it at the end of the day. If someone needs to remove his eyepro for whatever reason then he has to shout "I'm taking my eyepro off" and everybody else their mags out and don't touch anything until the guy's done. A few years ago I personally shot a guy with his eyepro off, but that happened because right after he took the hit he took his mask off, with bbs still flying at him.. Luckily I hit his chest and didn't even get close to his eyes, but we got so mad at him he got kicked from the team without any chance to join back. I'd say there should be someone at the safe zone making sure every gun is unloaded (yeah it's a crap job, but at least you make sure nothing can go wrong), and/or force people to apply the barrel condom or some sort of cover..
  6. I do play ArmA! Easily the best game ever made (along with Firewatch).. I mainly play koth, I'm not really into PvE stuff..
  7. Had a trip to a local store, came home with: Helikon patriot fleece jacket in Coyote Brown Replica MFT stock in DE Replica DD irons Templars Gear utility in MC A-tacs fg bush hat
  8. We are slowly destroying this guy's dreams xD He'll end up getting a slingshot if we keep doing this... Which is a thing I carry sometimes, just for fun
  9. I wonder if tipmann has an AK version of their HPA BBRs.. Would be hilarious to use, going full rash b blyat charging the enemy with hardbass pumping on your phone. Well makes low quality stuff, expect it to fall apart in your first game.
  10. I may be interested, do you ship to Italy?
  11. I'll order the nuprol tomorrow then Because loading midcaps is part of the reason why I rarely play with them..
  12. I have 2, I'd like to have more but I also hate to buy something I won't use that much, so I tried to make those 2 guns as versatile as possible to cover every style I apply. The same thought kinda applies to my gear, I have 3 main loadouts which share a lot of things, I only change rig and clothes based on the season, where I'm playing and what I'm going to do. As said before, I don't like to have unused stuff at home, I feel like I've wasted money (like my jpc replica, I rarely play in cqb fields, so I only wear it once or twice per year)..
  13. Yeah SAWs are useless in airsoft, a standard AEG with a large high cap magazine does the job just fine.. If you want to feel the recoil, try fitting a Daytona kit into a 249 or any other LMG/MMG, but prepare to dish out exorbitant amounts of money.. Last time my team played I mainly played as a support gunner role, I used my m4 with a 1200rnd electric winding magazine and it was really effective in keeping the enemies pinned down.. Plus I was mobile enough to rapidly switch positions to engage from different angles and disorientate them. Thing you can't really do with a lmg replica unless you're extremely fit. Even marines are switching from 249s to m27s, which are basically assault rifles..
  14. Is that nuprol speedloader thingy decent? I don't really want to drop 60+shipping on the gucci one
  15. It's a TM, run it with 8.4v batteries and your grandsons will be able to play with it without having the gun serviced once..