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  1. I have change the hop up unit and arm to the action army hop up unit with maple leaf rubber so that shouldn't be the problem, I have aligned my scope properly and it does fire accurately up to around 30 meters but after that, it curves left!
  2. Hi Guys, I have upgraded my hop up and bucking to the action army on with a maple leaf rubber, however, my bb's still curved to the left towards the end of the flight! its almost like I need to turn the whole hop up unit to the left to correct it ( i know you cant do this) is there anything else I can do .... apart from holding the gun at a cockeyed angle ..which is the only way I can see of making them fly straight?? any help welcomed My gun is a VSR 10
  3. Another question is how long should the gas last in the pistol mag? As mine only seems to last 15 shots if I’m lucky
  4. my bb's from my pistol dip fast after about 18 meters, is there a problem with my pistol ?? should I replace anything in it? or take it back ??