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  1. Nice one! i'll have a butchers.
  2. I haven't really considered looking for different barrel clamps that might fit.. good shout! As for the flashlight attachment, that's the only one I could find also but its very expensive.
  3. Nope. That doesn't fit on the compact variant.
  4. Hoping for a little wisdom for someone. I've been searching the web trying to figure out if I can get some sort of attachment that would allow me to mount a rail to my Vz. 58s Bayonet lug. I can find a few real steel items for near $100 but nothing for airsoft? I've looked at M4 Bayonet Lug rails which I found in abundance but im not sure they'd fit. Any ideas? I've tried using a barrel clamp mount but it looks ugly and because I have the stubby version it doesn't actually sit right due to there not being enough outer barrel to clamp it too without the front sight getting in the way. Thanks
  5. Guys, Im looking at potentially buying one of these just so I can have a change of pace every now and again. I've seen a lot of reviews on the web, mostly positive. However a lot of people seem to really bash it for the short stroke system and although I understand it im not really into doing much tech work or significant internal upgrades on stuff. So I was looking at getting this, throwing the max spring I can play at my field in it and going from there and if they release the gas system for it maybe get that.. but yeah. Any update on these in the long term? Are they worth a buy?
  6. Yh Swings n roundabouts. Think i'll get the g36, had a play around on pimp my gun (below[hopefulyl] and i think it looks better and is worth the extra £50. But also it means i can do more with it in the future. The carry handle scope and folding fore grip i'd have to buy at a later date. But the red dot, large battery and charger i already own, just need the smaller mounts for RDS as i have the mount that is shown on the m16. But for the m16 i'd have to buy nothing (other than mags) but thats coz without spending massive money getting a RIS mod for it there is nothing else to do to it I might literally on the day depending on how much money i have and choose then. Saying that even if i choose now i'd more than likely change my mind by then. Which defeats the whole object of this post... lol And i kno footballs crap, i only play coz im alright at it. I prefer playing rugby tbh, but im not as good at it lol
  7. Hi guys, Me again 1stly i'd like to thank all those that gave me advice on which mp5 to buy. However, money circumstances have caused me to re think my options. Firstly i really do want to go airsofting, but as its now football season im training loads and playing every week so i barely have the time. But when i do i have decided not only do i want something for cqb but i also wudnt mind sitting back picking people off, so i decided that a mp5 was out the window. So i have looked high and low and found these two: http://www.wolfarmouries.co.uk/airsoft/bb/...amp;id=GE0637II http://www.wolfarmouries.co.uk/airsoft/bb/...ct&id=15947 Both of which i have a battery for already and charger and are both highly customizable for future. Can i have your opinions, preferences and advice. P.S i would rent apart from the fact that if i cudnt get to a skirmish day i'd go plinking and target shooting round a mates or something similar
  8. oh okay sorry, thanks for clearing that up tho
  9. so it illegal to have ownership of a gun that is not two tone if yu bought it before the act came in place if yu are NOT registered? i got told by someone that it only went against the sale of a rif not ownership. Coz in which case my broken m4 is in the loft and Glock 19 is sitting in its case neither of which are two toned? which im guessing when i get my two tone mp5 in a few months and i take my glock as a side arm to a skirmish i am breaking the law?
  10. VERY impressive, personal favorite is the G36
  11. yh, everyone wud buy the guns just for the attractive ladies! but come on lets be realistic here.. they shud be doing the washing up or cooking..
  12. haha yes! every car shud come with a side arm as standard.. and thats before fancy extra's such as a/c lol.. or maybe.. at birth.. every child should be issued a firearm.. we cud build a warrior nation like the spartans. We could rebuild the british empire!
  13. yh i get that but its still a dangerous weapon.. and just to play devils advocate.. say some bank robbers had real guns.. and thought how can we make ourselves look like our guns are fake so teh police wont stop us on the way to the bank.. i kno lets do what airsofters have to do and paint half their gun in a bright colour.. so they jump in there car.. get pulled over by the police coz they have a broken tail light. they ask to look in the boot.. sees the paint, pressumes its an airsoft gun and the soon to be bank robber says yes it is.. police ###### off and they go on and rob the bank. ( i kno its far fetched but still )
  14. nice topic.. had a few lols reading down the thread .. now i am not YET an airsoft player.. but i got a couple of paintball fails 1. in a V.I.P style game.. i was the V.I.P and had my gun taken off me... my team decided to all get killed leaving me weapon-less with at least half of there team still to go.. i cud see the safe zone i needed to get to, decided who of the opposition (out of who i cud see) wud be able to get a shot off, and then planned a route. So i jump out from behind my tree and embark on a heroic last man run.. however.. half way i noticed that i wasnt on my planned route n obvo while sprinting as fast as i cud cudnt stop to look around so just kept running thinking i'd find it soon... a few seconds later i was riddled with paint to find everyone laughing at me as in my excitement i ran straight pass the safe area 2. On the same day! a game or two later (cant remember exactly) i had wandered away from my team and was in a firefight with 2/3 of the other team... i attempt to move from behind a few barrels to a small wall. Half way their i get cramp in my hamstring, fall to the floor and get covered in paint again that was possibly a more painful experience than breaking my hand in a rugby match lol another funny story i have from paintball is i was playing with my football team as a trophy night out kinda thing.. 1st game we're in.. my team is tasked with defending this hut while the others attacked it.. was quite a large arena so we cudnt see them until they wanted to be seen.. they first guy we see one of my mates calls out and fires a single shot, striaght into the poor guys nuts, we didnt kno he hit him in the nuts until he fell on the floor and yelled (instead of hit) you C**T you got me in the nuts, at this point we all burst out laughing and lost very quickly because of it lol Sorry for the long post but im bored and had too much time to spare
  15. i meen if yur 18 yu can go buy a knife which WILL kill someone, no questions asked. Yet yu cant buy (in essence) a plastic gun that fires plastic pellets? i mean i kno yu cud do alot more damage with a gun than a knife and guns arent readily available under the microwave in a draw but, knifes are easier to buy, easier to hide, easier to cause damage with and yet they arent as restricted as airsoft guns