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  1. Exactly.. for the sake of £20 once you included postage it was worth a punt. I'll take a picture of where I've dremeled so you can see.
  2. Yeah can do I guess. Though it is literally a case of taking a dremel to it to make a 1/2mm deep channel on the inside. The only downside I've found to this holster is the quality of the straps (which could of course easily be changed - But I'm lazy and haven't yet). Compared to the real safariland the straps feel like torniquets if you want it to actually stay flush to your leg. Even compared to other cheap universal leg holsters they are poor.
  3. There's a replica safariland at Taiwan Gun.. Will need a slight bit of dremelling though to fit the WE G17.. only took me 10 mins though to carve a channel for the little nobbly bit that protrudes from the slide. http://www.taiwangun.com/en/holsters/tactical-thigh-holster-for-g-series-with-weaponlight-olive-cs?from=listing&campaign-id=14
  4. Nope Only internal differences are adjustable nozzle at the minute.
  5. GHK G5 Hulk Hop Up Unit RaTech 6.01mm inner barrel
  6. Adidas GSG9.2 or 9.3 I wear them for work and they are awesome. Lightweight - feel like trainers - but comfortable and hardwearing. Mine have lasted 3 years and only just needing to get a new pair.
  7. EPS-C and EPG installed. Think I'm done for externals now... maybe.
  8. Used mine today for the first time in a skirmish. Range was a bit meh. Will try heavier bbs next time as only had .25s with me. On the CQB games though it was epic fun
  9. Depends which police force you're trying to imitate, if any. 5.11 Tac Tec Plate Carrier and similar I know are used by some forces. Though that is on the more expensive side.
  10. My local(sort of) store. Purchased from them online, in store and had tech work done there and never once had an issue. In store all the staff are really helpful and just genuine nice guys who clearly are passionate about the hobby. Even went so far as to when they couldnt supply something for me they recommended other local businesses they knew did supply them. 10/10
  11. Just one thing of note for the G5 at the moment... The old G5 Mags are now discontinued and aren't available anywhere (that I've found). The new GMAGs also appear to be sold out everywhere I've looked in the UK. And when they come back in stock I'll be buying them all From my research the Gen 2s have had significantly less cracking issues. They thickened the materials slightly on the lower receiver and added an extra support towards the stock end of the lower. There's a really good maintainance/ break down video on YouTube for the G5. It's about an hour and a half long and has the full install of the carbine kit as well.
  12. I have just bought a G5 and absolutely love it already!
  13. Delivered 4x GHK GMAGs PTS EPG-C (need a longer screw to fit) PTS Ergo Rail Covers GHK Buffer Tube GHK 12" Carbine Conversion Kit Adjustable Nozzle PTS Griffin M4SD Linear Flash Hider PTS Griffin M4SDII Suppressor Still to come... 2-4x GHK GMAGs Kill Flash for T1 I've put the stock on hold for now. MOE stocks seem to be discontinued. PTS EPS stock seems to fat and would look/feel horrendous given how slim this is. I was considering the PTS Ergo F93 Stock, but its a bit on the expensive side. May get a torch or laser module to go on as well, we'll see.
  14. Interestingly not the first person I've heard say that they're not the best. See where the wind takes me I guess.
  15. Well.. I missed a lot with 1 day away from the foruns. I am looking for a different lens protector for the T1 and was looking down the killflash route. However, I needed a protector like this regardless for my Elcan LDS replica which really doesn't seem to have another solution and already has a tiny chip in it from where it was hit. I will likely be purchasing a kill flash or what JCheeseright linked in the near future. Though I am also looking at getting a magnifier, which I'm stumped on how to protect when it's not sat behind the T1... On another note. My 4 mags and bugger tube arrived today. EPGC and Rail covers are on there way. Just struggling to find a PTS MOE CTR stock in tan anywhere. That being said I haven't looked outside of my 4/5 usual retailers.