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  1. I always confirm that a buyer has a UKARA before selling to them. It's an offense to sell an RIF to anyone without a defense. That way my arse is covered if anything happens in the future. Pop them up here, I'd be interested in seeing what you have for sale.
  2. @rocketdogbert Looking like more of an LMG than an SMG, eh?
  3. I've found that this worked okay when I was U18 and taped up my two tone gun for a skirmish.
  4. It's showing up as not secured for me on Chrome, Win7. Would it be so hard to setup SSL and encrypt the website?
  5. Local Authorities not knowing what Airsoft is? Wow. They should get informed at least. Mine love it. They took a bunch of kids down to our local site for a day trip the other week.
  6. Maybe it's just the camera, but your VSR 10 looks a little shiny. Personally I'd go over it with a can of matt olive but that's just me. As for the emblem, I think it's a nice addition to make it stand out from the rest. I like the 'tiger stripe' design on your G36, even if not the blue-black colours.
  7. Welcome! There's plenty of people in Plymouth that I've seen active on the forum so you'll be sure to find some new people to play with. Playing 3 games in no less than 2 months and you can sign up for UKARA (if 18+) which is a defense which can be used to purchase Real Imitation Firearms (RIFs) which are fully black. If you want to get your own before then (or under 18) it will have to be in Two Tone. 51% will be painted in a bright colour. (red, green, blue, etc). Have a look at some of the pinned posts. They are great for helping new players understand the basics of Airsoft.
  8. Arma 2 and the DayZ mod got me into PC gaming in the first place. Love it. Flying rotary is my area of expertise, but lately haven't played it so much. Feel free to drop me a PM if you want to play. I'm always looking for new Arma buddies
  9. Scrolling through this thread at 2am reminds me that I haven't showed off my pew pew kit yet. So here's my current multicam build or, as @Shaun Haynes likes to call it "that hideous pattern".
  10. Welcome! Glad you had a fun time. Playing with mates make it that much better.
  11. Welcome! I started off with Paintball but after playing Airsoft for the first time I never went back! There's a bunch of pinned posts you may want to read as they're great helping newer players get familiarised with the basics.
  12. You need to just go down and play the game already.
  13. @Jedi_Master £6.39 on eBay
  14. Maybe somebody could 3D print one for you, but I don't know of any that exist. Of course you could always stick it down your pants.. /s