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  1. Just wow. These all look great! How long does it usually take you to paint an item? Is there a certain process you go through to get an end product you're happy with?
  2. Got the bugger out using the smallest one in the set. Would highly recommend the one I bought for £1. I can see it coming in handy and there's a variety of sizes to use. Now I just need a barrel and I'm done!
  3. 20% off with discount code 'J20'.
  4. I sold my glock because it rarely got used. Maybe 1 or 2 mags per game. Not to say I didn't enjoy it, but your primary should be more important. I'd go for it. You can always buy a sidearm at a later date and there tends to be a couple on sale here every month so you could end up saving money in the long run buying used.
  5. Welcome. Glad you had a good time. The pinned posts are a good source of information for any new player. Best to buy your face protection first and then decide on what gun to buy. Clothing is up to you. Buy or use something you don't mind getting dirty and is comfortable to play in. I would advise kneepads. I will always recommend the CM16 as a good entry level M4 but if you've got a higher budget pretty much anything by Tokyo Mariu will work great. Over 18 without a defense can buy two tone replicas (51% painted in a bright colour such as red or blue). Over 18 with a defense can purchase a RIF (real imitation firearm).
  6. Just a quick update. Unfortunately the police closed the case so it's up to the community to keep our eyes and ears open.
  7. I could be wrong. That's what I was told last time it was brought up. I was under the impression the MKIV cover was fine to own but not the plates. As for the MK7 I think you may be right. They definitely shouldn't be sold though as they're supposed to be returned but nothing explicitly stating they're illegal to own.
  8. It's just for looks and serves no purpose beyond pulling it back to access the hop up.
  9. The only GBB I've owned has been Glocks so I can't really comment. When it comes to looks and feel, a GBB wins hands down. Feeling the recoil and hearing the bang after each shot is a very immersive experience. An AEG tends to be cheaper. You can often get 5 magazines for the price of a single gas mag. They will both shoot accurately and get the job done, you just have to decide if that extra bit of realism is worth the cost. An ICS L85 is something you buy and never need to tinker with. It's an excellent AEG.
  10. An ICS L85. The best gun I ever owned. Had to sell it a year ago for cash but if I could get another right now I would.
  11. ECBA was the armour issued before the Osprey if my memory serves. I've never seen anybody use it at any of the fields I've been to so you'd certainly look unique. edit: Just to add, you're only going to be able to use certain eyepro with the MK6. My Bollè Trackers for instance do not fit however my ESS ICE do. Additionally your comms options are also restricted. You will only be able to use over-ear or earpieces as there is no room for full headsets.
  12. So you're the bugger who stole it off of @rocketdogbert before I had a chance to snatch it up! It's a Dboys PEQ 2 box, so if you Google that you should find another dummy version.
  13. Thanks. In short, running around in this kit for 6 hours really wears you out, especially the lid. I like the look of the American stuff better and it's much more comfortable to play in. That's right, I had it in some sort of retention holster on my belt but I forget the brand. Just use what works for you. There's no uniform regs in Airsoft so set up your kit how you like.
  14. The only issue I can see arising is if it were stopped by customs because you didn't have a UKARA or membership number attached to the order. To make sure this doesn't happen just write it in the address section. Address line 3: UKARA number xxxxxxx