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  1. JimmyThor

    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Good comms, quick dispatch and delivery. Item as described. Thanks @JimmyThor!
  2. North Yorkshire new guy

    Welcome! No need to be nervous. Just go down and get stuck in. I'll guarantee you'll have a blast.
  3. New and Two-Toned

    Yeah, same here. Part of the reason I stopped playing paintball was the cost. £20 for a box of 2000 doesn't get you very far. Especially when you have a gun that shoots 5 paintballs a second. Although entry fee was only £10 so it wasn't too bad for a day out. Dunno how the owner made any money. Refreshments were cheap too. The rentals weren't very good at the site I played at. Gravity fed hoppers and a range of maybe 20m. Having to arc your shots and put a few down range to get one on target. Ugh..
  4. Thinking about starting this hobby!

    Turn back while you can!
  5. I'm glad this place exists

    A new user likes the forum? Well now we can't have that. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! No but seriously, the people here are some top class blokes. I've certainly learnt a lot in the short time I've been here.
  6. New and Two-Toned

    If it really bothers you put some rifle tape around it when you get there.
  7. New and Two-Toned

    I've no doubt. But as I no longer own a Glock my dream will have to wait. And yes, it would. But it's just one example of the many skins out there. There's plenty that would fall under the IF category such as the Asiimov. I just picked this one out as it's the one skin I do own in the game.
  8. New and Two-Toned

    Oh I misunderstood. Still, I've always wanted a glock like this.
  9. New and Two-Toned

    Even skins from games such as CSGO look decent when done right. Might appeal to OP's kid more as (I assume) that's the type of game they'd play.
  10. New and Two-Toned

    I don't care if a player uses a two tone or not. Personally I think they look hideous but won't judge somebody for using one. For most players it's just getting on with the law we all have to abide by. Others may see things differently but that's my two cents.
  11. Osprey MK4 - Legal?

    I own one and was under the impression that owning the cover is fine but not the plates. Can't see why on earth it would be illegal in the first place as there's tons of surplus kit you can buy without any issues. If not then arrest me now, coppers!
  12. Hello from an Edinburgh-based newbie!

    Welcome back to the moneysink.
  13. Plano SE Single. It's not the best but it covers up the gun and I'd rather knock the case around than damage my AEGs. Came with my M4 which I bought for £100 and a load of extras.
  14. I can fit all mine into a single gunbag and fishing bag. Sometimes I'll just run casual and only take the gun bag plus the essentials in a rucksack.
  15. Gun picture thread

    Bought some rail covers and a torch. I think it looks alright.