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  1. Will game for me is next month. So will let you know.
  2. I have a Nuprol Delta Sopmod, great gun and runs brilliantly and has decent range... Really loved playing with it and have now picked up an ICS CXP Cqb M4 and am eager to compare the two...A budget gun vs a Mid-range gun.
  3. GarandThumb...tactical flanel?
  4. This how it's setup...but never tried it yet. Considering how the straps go around the headset, I may just undo the modification and strap it on my head, under the helmet...but that's one of the fun things about 'gear' is finding out what works and what is sh*
  5. Only thing I could recommend is probably a 'Throat mic' setup, (Have comm earpiece in one ear and a normal earplug in the other to protect your hearing) seeing as that mandible face guard partially covers your ears and very doubtful you could run any set of over ear comms. Though.....maybe you could run a M32 under the helmet and trim away some of the plastic on the mandible guard so it fits? (I have M32 & M32H) I have the same helmet setup on the top picture, with my Earmor's....if & when I go play CQB I have a 1-Tigris face mask which i've modded so it attaches into the helmet clips, so I can clip in & out of it with ease.
  6. Package from China finally came in today.....almost 2 months late. One G&P AN/PEC15a....which is going on my ICS CQB. Very happy with it and is of very good quality as well. (Both G&P &
  7. Thats the tracker asiaairsoft uses....sadly limited info with my tracking number. Looks like might have to wait....just weird that two orders a day apart results in only one turning up. Maybe Santa will bring me something.
  8. Hi guys, just looking for some advice. Back in November I placed a couple of orders with and I received one of the packages ok, through Royal Mail parcelforce when it got to the UK. Another order placed a day later has yet to appear. I've emailed the website, but am not hopeful they can help as their tracking number stops at when the package leaves HongKong. (Does not show up for anything in the I guess not a good parcel tracker..package that did arrive did not track) Now, i'm thinking the package is held up somewhere, maybe customs or with Royal Mail themselves. The reason why I think it may be held up somewhere was that the package contained fake 5.56mm link belt which I was buying for a mates M249. Has anyone ever had issues with things from China not turning up and how you might have resolved it? Any pointers/directions which I can make enquiries would be great appreciated. Rgds Monkman
  9. Yep, even bought a second set to use when I dont want to wear a helmet... Sound amplification is good....but on my local field a motorway runs next to some of the game fields and the road noise can effect the amplication...but when I played much further away from the motorway, some of the things you could hear was amazing)
  10. FYI if you get the Earmor ones, you need to buy the Eamor PTT as it wont work with anything else. (I have the above setup btw)
  11. Got my CQB pew pew today... ICS CXP CQB, added on my flashlight, C-More reflex sight and an Acetech Predator suppressor/tracer unit. Just awaiting on Royal Fail to deliver my G&P AN/PEC15a. Looks like I will need to get a smaller front grip as my spare one i've put on is a little tall.
  12. Dude....that is a serioulsy wicked paintjob. Great setup..
  13. A speedy recovery from emergency spinal operations...Came as unpleasant surprise two weeks ago. I wish for the above so I can start my new job and get back to playing airsoft..
  14. M320 added to M4....and yes its heavy and ive not used it yet. Like everyone else whos owned a launcher...I got it coz I wanted it. I suppose at some point I may take it off the rifle and run it on a sling. ☺ When I have quite a lot of spare cash...I will buy some Tag rounds and the adapter which ive heard is also expensive.
  15. My Nuprol Delta SOPMOD has a wobbly stock...just fixed it by putting a strip of velcro (soft bit) on the buffer tube and then put the stock back nice and tight.