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  1. I'm a big bloke as getting good kit that fits...well it's not easy. Go to below link...they do 5xl tops & bottoms for the make "Brandit" Have a woodland pair of camo's and woodland water/windproof smock from them which will go to your size as well. Check out these guys, quick delivery as well... Also a mate put me onto these...5.11 tops in XXXl size which are huge. *See size comparison chart **there is a multicam top which goes to XXXL size as well Also...consider running a CHEST rig instead of a Plate bigger blokes tend to look a little silly in plate they don't really fit well. I run a Condor Recon chest rig..which has enough straps to go around the planet and I bought the clip on Hydro pack for water..
  2. Appreciate the offer...supplier has offered me a really good deal on a S&T M320 grenade launcher, which can be used mounted/un-mounted. I see a lot of of the Classic Army M203's for sale...but the mounting kit is something you have to buy extra. No kits available in the UK, mainly sourced from China...found a place in Europe that does it, but wants 25 Euro's for it + 25 Euro's for Over £50 for a small metal mount and a bit of plastic. AVOID Classic Army launchers... On a separate note...these turned up today, x20 packs of Revision lens clothes. Apparently they have some sort of nano-coating which is supposed to be really good against fogging... I've yet to try them out, but combined with my Wide-I magnetic fog wipe, next months game won't be played all day as if i'm in a thick fog! lol
  3. I have a RIS rail, but took the bottom part off so I could mount the 203 directly to the barrel...but, it's all gone a bit wrong. The Classic Army M203 turned up broken, part of the metal was snapped off which was the part that attaches to the base where the barrel meets the lower receiver...when I opened the box and there was no front mounting kit which attaches to the barrel past your front no way to secure the launcher. I'm in contact with the supplier regarding this...broken launcher and no mounting kit.
  4. They are good 9 of them. Also got the pmag ranger mag pulls as they fit on nice and tight to the magazines. Picked the rangers up from
  5. Speedloader seems to work ok, very plasticky....I have nuprol midcap polymer mags and they lock in fine,, takes about 10 cranks to fill up the 120rnd mag and the loader holds 1000 bbs.. Though when you take the mag out, with gentle shaking bbs will drop out of the speedloader. So its best to turn it upside down after each mag fill. Still good though....for £24. Not sure on how durable it will be in the long run though, but its better than loading by hand all day.
  6. Morning everyone. Just wanted to ask if anyone know's if the new RedWolfAirsoft warehouse/shop is open to the public? Thought I read somewhere they no longer have a shop, only a warehouse after the fire...but I'm not sure. Tried calling but always straight to voicemail....
  7. Tokyo Marui HK45 Tactical, IMI Retention holster, Nuprol Fast Mag loader (No more cramp in index finger loading 10xmags over and over), Classic Army M203 to fit onto my new(ish) Nuprol Delta Sopmod. (M203 comes Monday) and from America a Wide-I magnetic anti-fog wiper. **Found that my IMI retention holster was too tight for my TM HK45, so after a little googling...boiled the holster in a pan for a min or two, as the polymer started to soften, squeezed the gun in and now fits perfectly and fully locks.
  8. Bought some comm gear, no issues and fast delivery. Was going to buy a gbb tokyo marui pistol due to good service but found a better deal elsewhere which was cheaper on the gun plus delivery charges. But will still use them for other things.
  9. After browsing for anything related to fog/sweat in goggles for many hours, I came across this youtube video. Now what peaked my curiosity was the magnetic fog wipe.....think "Fish tank cleaner" lol Anyway..i've ordered a couple from the states (Ebay link below) and will try them out when I get them for my next game in November and will post feedback on the results....
  10. I bought the above headset for a mate..they are the lowest profile headsets on the market and are real steel headsets. In the box it also comes with a long 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable so you can run it to a radio to hear comms if your radio has a 3.5mm jack of course... Quality is excellent and the amplification is brilliant. Very cheap on Amazon + I bought a radio mic which has a 3.5mm jack so you can link the headset to the mic and then connect the mic to the baofeng uv5r. (Assuming of course you are using a baofeng, which seem to be very popular) It's a cheap(ish) way to get setup for radio coms + headset and I was gonna do that too... but I decided since I purchased a FMA Maritime helmet I wanted a Peltor type setup, so I bought a Earmor MH32H + Earmor PTT to go with my Baofeng and I could directly mount the headset to the rails on my brainbucket. Again quality was excellent and made a big difference out in the field talking to my mate 50mtrs away and also being able to hear like (Only thing is that where we played the area was setup near a motorway and walking to the field the ambient road noise was overpowering the headset a bit...but once away from the motorway..50mtrs or so....both types of headsets worked great)
  11. Just started wearing FSA Maritime helmet, with Earmor headset...helmet fits well after a few mods and the amplification of the headset and using radio is great. Got hit multiple time in the noggin and no issues. My mate who was just wearing a cap (not in this photo) go shot in the forehead and has a very large bump right above his eye. *I've also made adjustments so I can connect my OneTigris face mask directly to my helmet for when I do indoor cqb. (Don't fancy losing any teeth)
  12. Yah...I know it sounds suspect, but I got into a bit of a flap defending a bunker and was dropping mags left, right and centre during furious reloading and fighting...I guess one cap was loose.
  13. Nuprol mags are great...I have 8 of them now for my Nuprol M4 Sopmod. Also bought a load of magazine pulls as one of the magazine end caps came come loose and lost it on the field...bought these 'pulls' and they fit perfectly and wont be coming off easily.,14797
  14. I'm a big guy...and I was researching what kind of kit to get and a lot of the searches came up, that for larger guys..running a chest rig may be better than a plate carrier and the make 'Condor' came up a lot. I purchased a Condor Recon chest rig + the hydro pack (Which clips into the chest rig) and the length of all the straps is impressive...allows you to really tailor the fit and the chest rig is very comfortable.