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  1. If see some of the outfits the real 'secret squirrels' used in Iraq/Afghan...they all looked like bums!
  2. Thought it got lost on the way from China, but the little helmet rail mounted tac light has turned up. Though it's not the brightest, it has Red light and IR light function too. Might try newer batteries in it.
  3. Cough....Umm, I get 1080p version from a private forum. what HDOnline has done there....using a promo picture of rival tv show "SIX" for the Seal Team To be honest both SIX & SEAL TEAM are pretty good. (Though I havn't seen any new episodes of SIX come out for quite a while..I hope it's not been cancelled)
  4. I'm up to episode 15's a very good show, attention to detail is great. (I'm a gear whore when it comes to tv/
  5. I have this rig myself + the additional clip in hydro harness, which replaces the X straps. Recon rig is of fantastic quality and is used in the 'real steel' world as well. Point of note as well...for any players who are of 'larger' stature, then there is plenty of straps to fit all shapes & sizes of people. (I have a real steel IMI holster molle'd into the rig + extra ammo pouch, radio pouch & first aid molle'd to the rear hydro harness)
  6. Ok thanks Mo...went to the First & Only in Kidderminster the other week, so will check out their other venues around the region.
  7. Well after quite some time away from the work scene. (Family reasons) I accepted an offer for a job today, which pays very well with great future prospects. So maybe I feel a tricked out Tokyo Marui Recoil coming to my arsenal in the future. The catch being is that I have to work 'every' single sunday.... I was kinda looking for a job so that most weekends would be free, so I could really throw myself into my new hobby of airsoft. But reality check is that it's work and I need will just have to use holiday for any gameday, but not for the next 3 months though. If I hate the job..I can always try for another job. **Out of curiosity....does anyone know if there many places in the West midlands area that play on Saturdays?
  8. Decided that I'd rather have a 2nd tracer unit to accompany my Acetech got a package from today with a knock off of a knock off of the Knights Industries surpressor. It's quite a bit smaller and no markings what so ever, but build quality seems to be ok so far and will test it out soon. But on a sour note, I also was expecting a helmet mounted flexible light...but I guess they forgot to put it in the package, the invoice shows two items, but only one came. So hopefully the boys in China will sort things out for me as they have been quite helpful in the past. The tracer unit is a Army Force Knights full auto tracer for £30. (So will see how long the little fella lasts)
  9. Highly recommend these wipes by Revision, which are issued to the Military. They do work in helping combat fogging...and you can use a single wipe multiple times. (Does not prevent sweat getting on your lenses...but certainly helps with fogging) Handed out 3 of them to friends at last play session...all of them were well happy with the results. Provided I link where I got mine from ebay. You can get 10 for £4.99 or 100 for £24.99. I bought 20 myself...and will buy more.
  10. Thanks...I bought an Acetech Predator tracer/suppressor unit a while ago and used it @ The Outpost the other week. The Quick detach function is very handy as my ICS was too hot to play, so just plonked it onto my Nuprol and commenced with the light show in pitch black tunnels.
  11. Been after a chronograph for quite some time. Decided to buy an Acetech AC6000 one. It allows you to programme in different BB weights etc..and measure joules as well. It's a very nice piece of kit, also quite a bit larger than normal chronographs. (Nuprol etc..) Time to sling some plastic and see whats what..
  12. Recently purchased a few nice items from them and at good prices as well...quite impressed and added to my fav bookmarks. Will be buying some kit from them, once I find some more money..
  13. How much big of a difference would swapping out the bucking & nubs from my Nuprol & ICS with the Prometheus Purples?
  14. I got my Spectre replica from Amazon.... I specifically wanted the 1-4x zoom version with red dot on the top. Quality is good and it does weigh quite a bit as it's all metal. The sight is adjustable for zeroing, but the red dot is not very adjustable. Illumination of the sight is just a red/green dot on the centre of the crosshairs of varying levels. There is even a flashider which acts as a handy shield against BB's. I saw unbranded versions of the Spectre in JDAirsoft with a fixed x4 zoom for £199... Mine was £150. **As Wo1f just said...they don't hold zero when you flip the zoom....but I have found that while I have zero'd it for x4...playing with it @ x1 zoom for shorter ranges, you only need to make a slight adjustment to where your shooting....
  15. Well....went to The Outpost on sunday (Drakelow tunnels in Kidderminster) and took both my Nuprol Delta SOPMOD and ICS CXP CQB.... Couldn't use the ICS as it was shooting 380+fps on 0.2's @ the chrono. So spent the rest of the day using my Delta, and being in very very long tunnels, I was very surprised with the range and accuracy considering I was running .25 Tracer. Having near pitch black tunnels, using lights & lasers for target ident...then double tapping tracer rounds...the groupings were excellent. Obviously it's no TM or other tricked out AEG but even so...still fun to play with. (0.25 Tracer were @ about 275-280fps) I also took my S&T M320 launcher, but my single 40mm nade had issues, so couldn't use that. (Launcher easily slides right onto the Delta RIS rails) Next game on Mar 4th I will be taking both guns again, as I popped into JD Airsoft today to get a new spring for the ICS and got them to fix my 40mm nade. (Picked up a 2nd nade..coz why not) I think the ICS will now become my primary...but the Nuprol will be staying with me, as it looks great, runs well and is far!