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  1. Radios worked absolutely fine, quite shocked how good they were
  2. We use the Motorola’s linked and there great outdoors. Hoping they perform just as good in the mall Sunday
  3. How do you rate the freedom fighter? I really want one
  4. Make: desert eagle Gun/Model: M56B Desired Condition: good Desired FPS: 300 Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n/n Budget: £30-£50 Looking for a shotgun similar to the DE M56B. Bonus if cartridges are included. Something cheap and cheerful thats thats does the job.
  5. Make: Tokyo Marui Item: G36 magwell pin Desired Condition: good Swaps/Part Exchange: n x 3 Budget: £5
  6. Product arrived, have to say great service. I was kept up to date through the whole order process. Initially product was out of stock, and I was given the option of immediate refund or hold on until stock arrived. Stock arrived earlier than advised and was shipped as soon as it became available. Delivery was 5 days after receiving the tracking number. Fantastic service and would recommend to anyone
  7. I played there 2 Sunday and agree with all that you said, it’s a great venue. Facilities and staff were excellent. Cant fault the place and would go back again, even managed a great action shot!
  8. Make: nuprol Item: n600x and tracer Desired Condition: good Swaps/Part Exchange: n x 3 Budget: dependent on what you have
  9. I've tried searching everywhere for this answer, and came up up trumps. Hoping someone here can help, I need to charge some 7.4v 1450mAh batteries with a nuprol L3 charger (essentially a Imax b3). As the battery is only a 2S i wonder if i only need to wait for 2 LEDs to turn green, or will all 3 still change to indictae fully charged? apologies if this has been asked before but i really couldnt find an answer
  10. What brand is that fore grip?
  11. I brought some big foot TAC goggles from A2 supplies, I can wear my glasses with them no problems. Played the mall all day with no fogging issues. Definitely worth a try, I’ve been really impressed with them and they only cost £10. be worth noting I did coat lenses of both glasses and googles with nuprol clear before hand
  12. Have just sent them a message, have found 1 on rainbow8 also
  13. Make: KSC G26 Item: Slide or spares and repair gun Desired Condition: good Swaps/Part Exchange: possibily Budget: £15
  14. I actually had beans on toast for dinner last night Soley down to being lazy though... honest