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  1. I brought some big foot TAC goggles from A2 supplies, I can wear my glasses with them no problems. Played the mall all day with no fogging issues. Definitely worth a try, I’ve been really impressed with them and they only cost £10. be worth noting I did coat lenses of both glasses and googles with nuprol clear before hand
  2. Have just sent them a message, have found 1 on rainbow8 also
  3. Make: KSC G26 Item: Slide or spares and repair gun Desired Condition: good Swaps/Part Exchange: possibily Budget: £15
  4. I actually had beans on toast for dinner last night Soley down to being lazy though... honest
  5. TM G36c, M052 and a moscart, G26, fast helmet, face mask, google, viper ubacs, speed loader, various pouches, vest, torch, consumables and soon a G34.
  6. Service and repair turned round in 3 days, very reasonable price. Couldnt be happier with the service offered. Great bunch of lads too.
  7. Visited saturday, great shop and a good bunch of lads. Price matched a grenade launcher for me also. Left my G36 with them for some work, providing all goes well with that i'll use them for the foreseeable as there fairly local.
  8. Apologies, i brought the Alphafire 1Q system for booby traps, going to use it alongside the maroon mk3's from Socom. http://www.rfremotech.com/AlphaFire2B1Q.html If the 1Q system arrives without hiccups and is good quality i will look to get the 4Q package.
  9. Just ordered an Alphafire 1Q package from these direct, very competitive price. There's a national holiday there till 8th October, so i expect a very long delivery. But will update accordingly. If anyone else has used this site i'd be interested to hear of your experience.
  10. Just brought the CYMA 40mm pistol, will eventually have 4 shower shells. Thinking of a couple of the viper grenade pouches to hold them, anyone use these pouches? Can they store 2 grenades well? Love the the idea of the water bottle holder for the pistol
  11. Make: Nuprol Item: 120rd Gas Grenade Desired Condition: Good Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Budget: £10-15 per grenade as per title after 2 or 3 ideally
  12. Mods please close
  13. Would you sell the blue dragons?
  14. Price for multi cam cheat rig bundle?
  15. Be good to have in my opinion, would give people a platform to share there experiences and reviews.