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  1. I'm from Croatia and I bought the gun from croatian shop...first gun they gave me had loose trigger, second one had sticking slide and now the third one they gave me works they gave me a free mag and a bag of bbs
  2. Will lct ak74 midcaps work with cyma ak74 cm.040c
  3. Hi...I sent it back to the shop and they gave me one works fine...sorry it took me this long to answer
  4. You can see everything in the video.. I'm new to this sport and this is my first gun and I would like to know is this how it is supposed to be or is it something wrong
  5. Will lct ak74 midcaps work with cyma ak74 cm040c
  6. Gun is brand new so I sent it back and they sent me a replacement...sorry it took me this long to respond ☺
  7. I got we tech m92 chrome pistol and that tiny spring/rod which is pushing trigger link rod keeps falling out and then I have to take the grips off and put it back in place but after a few shots it falls out again...should I get new spring or is it something else...please help!!!