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  1. Osiris

    Mosquitos. Evil.

    damn i feel that pain I cant wear shorts because i get bitten so often, they seem to love me Guess i should invest in some anti mosquito repellent before i next play just in case
  2. Osiris

    What amp to charge batteries?

    To get the charge ampage divide your mAh by 1000. So 1450 will be 1.4A (doesnt have 1.45 afaik) charge, 1600mAh at 1.6, 2000mAh will be 2A etc etc and make sure to use the balance lead and setting
  3. Osiris

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just drove down to Combat South in Portsmouth (about 1.45 hours each way but worth it on a nice sunny day near the sea) and got me my first RIF! and charger and lipos and bbs and 3 extra mags 😂, took me half a year longer to buy my first one than i wanted due to work etc but hey good things come to those who wait
  4. Might have to give TWA a go sometime in the new year (got ukara now so wont have skirmish cash ill be spending it on stuff!!) it sounds pretty good, Its only 20 miles from me which isn't much more than ace combat so shouldn't be a bad run on a sat morning i hope (BUT IT IS ALONG THE M20/25 then a21 ) Ive got a site pretty much 5-10 mins away from my house that i haven't played yet too, so many sites so little time! and ive only played on one and just three times so far to get ukara. This sport/hobby is highly addictive i must say walking through woods and seeing a trip wire rigged up keeps you on your toes and the massive pyros used this weekend to simulate airstrikes etc makes it an experience https://www.facebook.com/AcecombatA/ videos/1743565335675639/ (our starting day charge, had to split the link because it came up as massive)
  5. Osiris

    Tokyo Marui Recoil

    I know there are a fair few threads about these guns and i have read them but they haven't answered all my questions and i am a noob So i am soon to get my first gun (as i may have annoyed you with talking about previously!) and i was looking at the Scorpion BET carbine which is around £350 but then i saw a TM M4 SOCOM on proairsoft for £370 and it got me interested as it isn't much more money. Now i have no chargers, mags or batteries to worry about converting or if they will be compatible as i have to buy them all anyway so my questions are: The SOCOM is £40 cheaper than the SOPMOD and others and says it doesn't need a lipo conversion as it doesn't use the sopmod style battery? So is it cheaper because its outdated and worse or what? i dont really understand Is the sopmod battery really that bad? The Sopmod and Scars are more expensive £40-100 more than the socom and is recommended a lipo conversion, is this because lipos are so much better or just because most people run lipos and have chargers for lipos? Are Sopmod batteries/chargers vastly more expensive? The magazines on that site are 80 rounds and £20 which doesn't seem like too much as id have to buy normal ones anyway. I mean the only difference between them i can see is the rail and the battery style. Any advice/suggestions?
  6. Im from Kent and turned up to my first airsoft game alone at the age of 30 been twice so far and going a third time this weekend to get my ukara. Even if i don't talk to lots of people in the rest area people always talk on the field I go to Ace Combat in Tonbridge which is about 30-35 mins drive on an early sunday from Bluewater area so probably not too far for you if you like woodland style. Im sure Croydon has a few sites as well. (I also go cinema by myself so i wouldn't call that strange if i wanna see a film im nott gonna miss it because no one wants to go )
  7. Osiris

    Favourite/Best site in the Uk?

    ive only been to Ace Combat in kent so far (3rd time for ukara on guy fawkes) I avoided Apocalypse due to the extra cost but it does look interesting once ive got an airsoft gun. Its a shame i came to airsoft just recently as i live near bluewater and everyone says sandpit was cool Are there any other highly recommended sites nearby?
  8. One more month until ukara. Why is choosing your first gun so hard :D 

    1. padraigthesniper


      Because they cost alot of money and you cant have them all... Unless you do a breaking bad and sell meth then you can have a systema mp5 with 20 magazines and a full upgrade kit with high end actually military gear just to run around a field in pretend war without any training or good fitness level looking operator as F**K. Then when you play cqb you can show up with two TM AA12s with drum magazines and a unlimited supply of expensive realistic pyros... lol

    2. Marc.RG1


      Yup so true, so many guns so little time and cash lol.. Here's a tip though don't try choosing your first gun, make it your first 2 guns then it's a bit easier to do lol. :)

    3. Lozart


      Just accept that this will not be your only gun. Get something half decent but don't overthink it. With a few exceptions pretty much whatever you get will be better than you are for a while to come!

  9. Osiris

    My First Airsoft Gun

    yeah that thread has no info in this price range. The Krytac Trident mk2 spr is sold out pretty much everywhere so my main question is this, Krytacs cost around £330-400 and are considered some of the best AEGs outside of the expensive TMs. But what makes them better than other brands rifles that sell for the same if not more? Are they really that much better than say a E&L ELAR MK18 MOD1 M4 which is £379 or the Ares Amoeba pro km15 that sells for £390. I'm assuming any of these guns would be pretty sweet for my first gun but is the Krytac worth waiting for new stock or trying to track one down?
  10. okay so i have a decent enough budget which makes it really tough to narrow down my choices due to my lack of knowledge (get ukara next month so am still doing research) I have got a selection that i am looking at as i like them all in style but i could use some advice from you guy, already steering away from upper end G&G now thanks to advice I don't know how hard it is to change a spring to get some of them under 350fps or the reputation of certain brands ^^ and if some types of gun are just too much effort for a newbie. not sure on batteries or how good accessories are for these guns. Currently i am looking at and doing more research on these guns (with links) (i say circa because i might be able to get them elsewhere these are just links) fps taken from sites so not gospel. I couldn't find a decent full size wood non electric blowback AK for around this price so if i want an AK i might get a cheaper cyma as a back up gun in the future (maybe xmas) Krytac MK II Trident M4 SPR Circa £340 Upto 350fps VFC Avalon Calibur Carbine Circa £275 400 fps LCT G3A3 Circa £300 420 fps The first two seem pretty decent and common the G3 seems very new? so im not sure what that's like but it looks cool as fk. As you might tell i like decent length guns and i play on a woodland/field site with little to no CQB on it. I might get a smaller secondary weapon if i don't get an AK or just get a pistol
  11. Osiris

    My First Airsoft Gun

    Krytac seem to be out of stock everywhere but i stil have a month to go before i can buy one so maybe they will get back in stock The SPR trident is listed at around £330-340 If i am unable to get a krytac are all the guns around that price pretty good or are some to be avoided? The Ares Ameoba is a bit cheaper and there are a few G&P models more expensive than the krytac so they might be good. Im a newb so im not sure what im looking at mostly
  12. Osiris

    First game done

    ive just played my second game and wont be able to ukara until probably my 4th due to the site not having one 56 days from the first The worst (and best) part about starting airsoft is you have to wait so long until you can buy a rif i have spent hours and hours looking at guns and watching reviews and the wait is killing me (its also saving me from rushing out and buying a pile of rubbish for a first gun and getting mad) Now im just debating if i should get lipos or nimh batteries for my first gun <3 Does your site have different kinds of rentals? That might be wise to try them all or another site inbetween if you can, The one i use has Mini AK, Mod0 m4s and G36s which i find is nice. The closest site to me (which i haven't been too yet) Also rents out Spring Sniper Rifles. M249 support weapons, A Browning 30 cal with 3k mag (wtf) and a Browning 50 cal vehicle mounted gun (last few are a lot more expensive) so finding a site with a variety of weapons to try might be a good idea
  13. Osiris

    My First Airsoft Gun

    Ill check that site out What batteries do you use for your spr? It recommends a 7.4 lipo but a lot of youtube videos say they are running higher around 11.
  14. Osiris

    My First Airsoft Gun

    I am leaning towards the Krytac for now. The Avalon does come with a case but i think the delivery charges from Red wolf even after selecting the uk site total 100 dollars. I would love the G3A3 as well but the cost of delivery and changing the spring to suit 350fps is maybe too much work for the first gun Surplus Store is about an hours drive away if the traffic is good so it might be worth me going down there to make sure i have a correct battery etc for a krytac rather than have it delivered but the delivery is free. I do like the look of the longer styles of gun over the short ones
  15. Osiris

    My First Airsoft Gun

    forgive me as i may be too dense to get all of the information on these three guns from the stickied post "If you have a set budget above £200 to £300, any AEG will do. Consider Krytac AEG's as they're very well shimmed and have excellent air compression. If you like realism, try gas blowback rifles such as WE/GHK/KJWorks, the WE's will definitely require upgrading for long-term use, also consider HPA use for consistency (or Tippman M4's). If you don't like the idea of buying gas but still want the realism, consider the Marui recoil shock series or CTW's." if you would so kind as to point me to the thread/area that discusses these particular guns and if any of them should be avoided as a new player then i can leave this area for more important discussions
  16. Osiris

    G&G higher tier guns

    ive got a good month before i get my ukara so i will keep looking around and investigating a good choice I am not set on an m4, im looking at good AKs as well but im not sold on the ebb versions. The Tokyo Maruai AK47 is £222 on redwolf but i am assuming this is a very old gun and not up to par with new ones? This looks very tempting http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/AEG_AEP_LCT_LCT_G3A3_LC_3_AEG_OD.htm also seems very new so not many reviews. How hard is it to change a spring in your average AEG? Redwolf seem to have most of their guns running circa 400 fps which is no good then they charge $70 to downgrade to a usable fps. Is it worth trying or just sticking to lower fps guns/not using redwolf
  17. Are the more expensive G&Gs worth it? by that im talking GC16 wild hog etc the ones £250-300 or at that price is it more advisable to go for a different brand or even just go for a more expensive gun. I know the combat machines are good starter guns on the lower end but do their more expensive guns match up to the competition?
  18. New Player here! I have been to Skirmish at Ace combat Brenchly so far and booked to go again (there is one much closer but it was shut when my mate could come haha),found out about Airsoft after watching some Airsoft on youtube (dunno how i had never heard of it before). I Went with a pal who probably wont come along much so i will generally be attending alone and/or looking for some airsoft groups/communities to play with. My friend had to duck out around noon so i ended up solo all afternoon and just tagging along with whoever was at the spawn point or a group i died with so ive got no worries about going alone. I am 30 so not exactly a spring chicken but i was pleasantly surprised to find out that i was not just running around with some kids so theres hope yet plenty of people in their 20s and older than me to chat to so i hope there are groups and teams that are not just full of kids (nothing against young folk i just think i will enjoy it less if im just surrounded by teens ) i think it will be a pretty good way to lose some weight and have fun at the same time. I have already bought my own eye protection and face mask because it was god damn hot the day i went and i was melting in the face masks provided (i guess thats how they get you!) also got some gloves and camo kicking around (Electrician by trade so used to use a lot of that kind of stuff on site) so don't need to buy much gear unless a plate carrier/belt is really worth it. The site i am going to rents 4 different types of gun : G36C, G&G mod0, Spetsnaz, ICS M4, (https://acecombat.co.uk/events-2/gunrental) i will rent each type before getting ukara to see if there is a kind i dislike using or love. So my main questions are these: 1. My budget is fairly decent at the moment i could spend up to £300-350 on a gun (maybe more if its really worth it) and then get some other bits so would you recommend getting a more expensive gun for starting out or just go with something around the £200 mark and upgrading it or buy a new one when i am more experienced? I will probably end up going a lot solo anyway so i will get my moneys worth if it kills me. (i have read the guides and watched a lot of videos so i am not going for anything fancy like a blowback, a sniper rifle or a pistol but i do like some of the less popular guns too) 2. After watching a lot of YouTube videos I have seen that a lot of people go to CQB during the winter, does that happen as much over here? Living in Kent there are a lot of big and small woodland sites but not so many CQB so does everyone just stick to the fields in winter? (will inform my choice of gun once i have got ukara) 3. Are there any Airsoft communities and groups in kent? I don't use facebook so much and looking around the internet just shows a lot of dead links and sites that don't exist anymore (that was very annoying when trying to find one) I saw a small group running with Fallen 26th Patches but forgot to ask anything about it so im sure there must be some groups around somewhere im just not sure where to find them. I know its a lot of questions and a mess of a post for a Hello but there you go
  19. Osiris

    Newbie in North Kent

    cool ill take a look around the forum eye protection i bought was Pyramex I-Force Slim Sporty Dual Pane Anti Fog Clear Lens Goggle so i don't think its too cheap. Cant see much cqb near me so i guess ill invest in some warmer clothing for winter