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  1. Sniper rifle ideas!

    That’s what I was thinking, surely there is no point in buying a tm vsr for £200 odd when I’m going to completely strip out all the internals. Building the thing is simple enough, can anyone recommend good bases to build from? Also which components? Would like to stick all to one brand. any good uk contacts?
  2. Sniper rifle ideas!

    Looking at possibly building a sniper. Briefly looking into the whole sniper scene, it’s turn out you can’t really get a great sniper out of the box. I do like the simple look of the vsr, so this leads me onto is it worth paying for the tm version or is the cheaper cyma one just as good, as you are pretty much changing all the components. any suggestions ideas please share.
  3. [SOLD] G&G Predator

    any difference on internals, between the plastic model and full metal?
  4. ASG Scorpion Evo with Accessories

    You still have this? And where abouts in Leicester are you?

    Would fully recommend. Spent £100's with them, nothing more than professional.
  6. New airsoft facebook page

    The good admins from addicts or the ones who spat their dummies out and tried banning people.
  7. Krytac pdw stock

    Make: krytac Item: pdw stock Desired Condition: good Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n Budget: let me know looking for a replacement stock for my crb krytac. I’m wanting the krytac pdw one. message me if you know of anyone who will part ways with one. regards, steve
  8. Boots!

    I'm in the market for a new pair of tactical boots. Does anyone have any good recommendations? MAX about £100. I've been looking at the 5.11 atac 8 inch, but anyone with some good suggestions please shout out. Regards, Steve

    Highly recommend these, very professional and knowledgeable.
  10. I can’t find any for the pvc rubber ones either.
  11. Think he was looking for the rubber ones not embroidered
  12. warranty on Airsoft guns

    I’ve found fire support the best for gun techs and obviously them running 2 sites makes it easy to keep in contact with them.
  13. UKARA registration form needed

    I've been playing a while now tbh and already own RIF's just thought it was about time i actually sorted a UKARA number, but then when i go to try, the site was down and i couldn't obtain the form appreciate all the advice and comments, Thank you
  14. UKARA registration form needed

    Just seems to me like they are suppose to be setting a regulation, however they are very informative and also seem to be unreliable. Is is there any other way to prove to a shop when buy weapons a defence? Would they accept a site membership over a ukara number?