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  1. Where you based out of interest? Thanks
  2. Thanks mate really appreciate your advice I'd rather send it to get repaired because with the luck I have I'll take it to pieces and never get it back together,I've just googled so repair shops so atleast I can explain to them what the part is
  3. Hey guys I recently bought a Ashbury338lm and took it for a test fire at the weekend and me been slightly bull headed I broke something internal, I pulled the bolt back and a bb I guess got jammed now rather than try to unjam it I pulled the bolt back two more times nothing came out I then took the mag out and some bb's fell out along with a piece of cheap looking plastic, I have googled about Ashbury'S over and and over again to see if there was a video or something to show how to strip it down so I can find the problem, anyways the piece of plastic that fell out I think it's clearly something that pops the bb's out of the mag ( picture shown) does anybody know what this piece would be called? Has this happened to anybody? And can anybody recommend a really good shop to fix this problem for me? Thanks
  4. Bump
  5. Picked this up at the weekend
  6. Hey guys I am picking up a vfc Ashbury tomorrow and I have read online that you should use hard bb's with it because due to the feeding mechanism they can split, can anyone give me a link as to which ones to buy because I'm slightly confused because it says the heavier the bb's doesn't necessarily mean there harder. thanks
  7. Bump
  8. Hey guys just wanted to show my new vest I've pimped up, got the idea from one of my favourite movies American Sniper
  9. P.s the handbag isn't mine
  10. Hey guys when it comes to headsets I'm flumped and I honestly don't have a clue what I'm looking for or half the time hoe it bloody works Now the picture of the radio and throat mic is what I already bought a while back however it either the radio doesn't work correct or the mic cause it just doesn't run, but putting that to one side the advice I'm after is this, the picture of the headset is one I've spotted on eBay has anybody tried and tested these? And if do are they any good? Also guys can anybody give me a link to the part I would need to connect the lead off the headset to the radio cause that's where I'm really lost! I know some of you guys are thinking what a douche but reality is I can build a house no problem but working out something like this stumps me many thanks in advance and if you help me get up and running I shall put you on my xmas card list
  11. Just been giving my kit a lean down tonight love it when there all together baring a couple
  12. Make: hk417 Item: mags Desired Condition: excellent Swaps/Part Exchange: no Budget: im after 5 mags happy to pay for the right deal, I know it's a long shot but you never know someone might have some kicking about
  13. Haha missed that one! I'll go out and buy her some flowers now to soften the blow
  14. Hey Albiscuit that dog in the background is a known killer