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  1. Make: hk417 Item: mags Desired Condition: excellent Swaps/Part Exchange: no Budget: im after 5 mags happy to pay for the right deal, I know it's a long shot but you never know someone might have some kicking about
  2. Haha missed that one! I'll go out and buy her some flowers now to soften the blow
  3. Hey Albiscuit that dog in the background is a known killer
  4. Done Lozart and thanks buddy
  5. Just got a Hk417d sniper variant in the post today chuffed to bits
  6. Hey guys my parcel arrived today which I bought from weaponscrates, tbh I've been a nervous wreck waiting to see if it turned up but tbh the guy I dealt with had been in touch each day and also before I paid he made sure he took my ukara etc... overall I'm chuffed to bits with the service he provided
  7. Hello buddy yes I contacted the seller first
  8. Hey Snuff weaponscrates is just a site you can buy and sell rifs on buddy
  9. Rif sorted can you delete plz thanks
  10. Hey guys I bought a rif off weaponscrates last night when I tried to go through ' Shield' it asked me to put in my billing details which I did about 10 times and it kept saying ' whoops something has gone wrong' so in the end I sent the money goods and services through Paypal, hopefully the rif will turn up and shield will turn itself to unshielded
  11. Hey guys have any of you ever bought a rif from weaponcrates using 'Shield' the rif I'm after has this which says the seller won't get the money until I sign for the rif, but how do I link that to paying by Paypal?
  12. Roger that buddy
  13. Ok guys thanks for you advice but can you answer me this plz is it best we as buyers organise a courier or leave it to the sellers? I know not all sellers are bad or buyers there's a lot of good honest people out there it's just there's a lot of rodents too, I always like to meet in person but one of these is in scotland and the other in Kent to much traveling from York
  14. Hey guys I can't seem to find a topic on this and could do with some friendly advice as I've been stung in the past, I'm am currently in negotiations with two guys about rifs there selling ( not on this forum), one is on pre-fired and the other weaponcrates, I have looked into things the best I can and have read that Paypal if paying for goods and services doesn't actually cover you if buying a rif, so I've ten read the best way to cover yourself is by using a credit card, so I've added a credit card to my PayPal in which I can then use to cover myself, now here's the thing I find tricky to understand the guy on pre-fired has said he will post the rif which I already had a bad feeling him asking me to send payment friends and family ( how can he be my friend never met him so my main concern is this do I send a courier myself to pick the package up or trust him not to send me an empty box or even what had happened to me before send me something to a different address so it shows it's signed for but not by me, it's a mine field out there unfortunately not just for buyers but also for sellers to any advice would be greatful. scott
  15. Make: Hk Gun/Model: 417d Desired Condition: excellent Desired FPS: Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: £350 Hello im after the sniper variant of the hk417d