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  1. 007 would never be seen in a cheap suit lol. Dolce and Gabbanna or Versace maybe <wink>
  2. Lol plus £17 for a spare magazine, might aswell buy 2 pistols and keep 1 for parts!
  3. To be honest I regret not getting 2, but at this time of year money doesn't flow as readily as we might like lol. Happy 'nadeing
  4. TRMR impact grenades
  5. Got 1 in Gold, plus the multi shot base, still cheaper than the new version lol.
  6. Bought a ML nub off them, took ages to get here, they even raised query with Royal Mail. Had to pick up at local sort office, when I read label, postcode was wrong so I let them know. They said it was my fault, even though I paid with PayPal, which has my correct address and the address on every confirmation email was correct lol. No biggie, got it now, but the wait, ouch.
  7. I just bought the one, but I did buy the 209 multi shot base aswell
  8. Sounds like the battery won't pull your upgrades? Mine is stock and I run a 9.9v Life, which gives excellent response and rof.
  9. Welcome, try Ultimate Wargames at Fawkham, near Brands Hatch. Great bunch of lads and lasses, not huge like Apocalypse, but good fun imo.
  10. That's an air pistol not an Airsoft pistol?
  11. Doesn't the vector have a 300mm long mag that would be fouling the floor in that configuration?
  12. Priceless, love it.
  13. My 'New' L85A2 purchased 2nd hand yesterday. Love it.
  14. Waiting on UKARA atm, need 1 more game, otherwise I'd be looking at that ICS