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  1. Doesn't the vector have a 300mm long mag that would be fouling the floor in that configuration?
  2. Where are you based, pleased? no worries, I see from your other sale items you are in Mablethorpe, too far for me.
  3. Priceless, love it.
  4. My 'New' L85A2 purchased 2nd hand yesterday. Love it.
  5. Waiting on UKARA atm, need 1 more game, otherwise I'd be looking at that ICS
  6. Yeah my local supplier wants £325 for the ICS and this is definitely a cheaper alternative. Will it be cheaper in the long run? Dunno, how long is a piece of string.
  7. I was going to ask the same question but may aswell post here... did you or anyone else buy one, what was it like to use? I know now it's never going to be an Afghan L85 but not everyone has £1000+ to burn through lol, mentioning no names.
  8. Make: decent Item: 6mm plastic BB Desired Condition: new Swaps/Part Exchange: no Budget: ? Hi, if this is in wrong section, please move. I am looking for a sample/variety/starter pack of different weight BB's, similar to what is available here but UK based. Don't really want to spend loads of money on 3000 of each when trying out different weights. TIA
  9. I did a search but nothing came up, is there a particular way of doing this?
  10. That sux
  11. According to the blurb on the Nuprol Delta series, the V2 gearbox fitted to all models comes with a quick change Spring so I would assume you just need to take the rear stock off and unscrew the nut/screw that holds the spring in place? NUPROL - DELTA Enforcer Alpha AEG Carbine - same internal componants as its higher end counterparts like the freedom fighter and the AK21 these are the reinforced V2 gearbox, quick change spring, full steel tooth piston, micro switch trigger high torque flat motor and even a 6.03 tight bore barrel.
  12. I thought the Nuprol Delta series had the quick change spring with the v2 gearbox? So wouldn't that be accessible from the rear stock ?