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  1. As a non-domestic buglery burglary, the police are vanishingly unlikely to take any interest, even if we hand them the perpetrators on a plate. However, mention the word "firearm" ...
  2. On Firefox, I was able to get in by clicking past the eleventeen warnings, but now I'm getting the phishing screen when I try to log in, and it prevents me from doing so. Well, Ah'm oot.
  3. +1 for TRMR. It's a brilliantly practical design. No pin to lose, easy to load, arm and (critically, IMHO) make safe if you don't throw it, and very reliable detonation. The tri-shot base is ace, although it does push it towards very nearly the price of two Dynatex impacts. But you get three bangs.
  4. I was interested to see Novritsch pointing out that in the Austrian army at least, snipers carry and are expected to use a Steyr AUG as their primary, and the bolt action is only used when the situation demands it. If I were to go sniper, I reckon I'd want to run something like an MP5K + a Well MB-02 shorty sniper.
  5. I'd urge you not to decide anything until you've played through your UKARA waiting period. Use that time to see if you can blag a go with other players' guns - folk are usually keen to show off and discuss their toys. You're going to get a big rush of adrenaline from your first few games, but whether it's worth dropping serious money on what is, at the end of the day, a ludicrously expensive toy gun will depend on your long term enjoyment and commitment. If you're considering spending that much on a gun, I'd suggest just buying a range of face protection and then seeing what suits. I prefer clear goggles, but I've been unable to stop them steaming up, so I have to use mesh. Sad times. I wouldn't play without mesh lower face protection - a close range hit to your face will pretty quickly demonstrate why. A OneTigris mask is next on my list. I use an eBay special £15 Molle vest which came with a variety of pouches. Backless for (literal rather than tacti-) coolness, and what can I say, it carries everything that I want to carry and I can strap on everything that I want to strap on. You don't need to spend more, or even that much, for functionality. But spending more isn't wrong, if it gives you pleasure. There are no wrong answers, really. We're playing a game for pleasure. If you're happy with your choices, then they're the right choices.
  6. This forum needs a mascot, is all I'm saying.
  7. Significant part highlighted. We get some part of our money back, ring-fenced for those projects of which Nanny Brussels approves. The cream off the top goes to Jean-Claude Drunker's bar tab, providing Peter Mandelson with hot and cold running catamites, and bribing French farmers to not immolate the contintent. Some generalisation is being applied here, but since the EU both has and hasn't signed off on its own accounts since 1995, I feel a degree of levity to draw my own conclusions.
  8. I rather suspect that it depends on the definition of "best", and that at some point we'd end up throwing away money chasing imaginary benefits even if we start with a TM. Unless I convince myself that each and every stock part is already at least as good as any possible aftermarket alternative, why wouldn't I end up replacing all of them in pursuit of ultimate bestness? However, if we walk it back to define "best" as our subjective definition of "good enough", then for my purposes I can't see why I'd need to change more than the barrel and hop, since I already have the consistent puff that I want.
  9. CYMA CM.513 apparently. Currently seeking low caps for it. He's going to find it hard to hit anything from his armchair.
  10. Feeding 30 BBs into the cheapest mid caps that you can find. Then feeding in the other 110 or so.
  11. Great point. I can get through 2 litres during a game day. If you're on a large site with long games, you might even consider getting hydration backpacks.
  12. How so? Mine is shooting at a very consistent ~330fps. I could squeeze it closer to 350 with a cheap spring change (I've already radiused the gearbox for £0 cost). If I wanted a fancy hop-up unit and a tightbore barrel, why would I first spend more to get a heavier gun then put the very same hop-up and barrel in it? Would the BB know to be more accurate because there's a metal body wrapped around the blowgun? OK, if I wanted some obscene ROF I wouldn't get it out of the CYMA motor and gearbox, but I don't. I'm really not sure where the idea is coming from that it's not worth replacing the internals (the bits that matter) inside a cheap shell. It's not like upgrading a more expensive shell is an investment, you're likely to lose even more money in absolute terms when you try to sell it on. Convince me, why shouldn't I replace (e.g.) the barrel and hop in my CYMA?
  13. On my CM516, once you've got that piece loose, you have to wiggle it over a lemon-shaped block at the front of the barrel. There's no science to it, it's just a case of getting it lined up fortuitously and then sliding it off. I assume you've got that suppressor off? If you can spin the guard then you should be able to see inside it the block at the front of the barrel that's not moving, and hopefully figure it out from there.
  14. It's a bit of a clownshow. Still blocked/flagged, still no reputation system, random log outs and thread locks, people getting grumpy in the classifieds and pointing out that sellers are offering used, faulty guns at new prices. Hardly worth bothering with at the moment.
  15. It's OK, this isn't ZeroIn, you can mention retailers. PatrolBase will two-tone any gun for you for £15 and appear to have the AM-009 in stock. will two-tone free, and are substantially cheaper even with delivery, but are currently out of stock. You can register for stock updates, they doubtless have a pretty high turnover. Anyone at The Mill with a UKARA number could buy the gun then sell it to you with the defence that they know you're an airsoft skirmisher. UKARA is just one way of demonstrating that. Or you could just contact your chosen retailer and see if they'll get in touch with The Mill to verify that you play there. That's really all the defence they need, although it's up to them to decide that, since they're the one taking the risk.