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  1. An algorithm has been triggered for some opaque, obscure, non-negotiable reason. OP has appealed to another algorithm masquerading as a person which has followed its programming and rejected his appeal. YouTube is not run by "they" any more. It's run by series of very small shell scripts written by soy-boy male-feminists with the explicit purpose of gulaging anything that's not a rainbow diversity music video, SJW damage control piece, or a makeup tutorial. If your self esteem or income stream is dependent on passing YouTube's cultural approval litmus test, you're in for a rude awakening. I'm sorry if this is news to you.
  2. Then you're a YouTuber, not an airsofter. Maybe try out the alternatives to YouTube rather than pinning your hopes, dreams and ambitions on their social-justice-robo-censors. It's only getting more Progressive from here.
  3. Only if you're desperate to take a shoot.
  4. I've heard that a lot. Is there anywhere I could see the evidence for a like-for-like comparison using BBs from the same bottle?
  5. Brilliant! Pictures absolutely required.
  6. Gas pistols look and feel great, but I wouldn't rule out AEPs for function. You can pick up (e.g.) a CYMA CM.127 G17 for the princely sum of £45 from gunfire, add a Laylax spring from Eagle6 for £10 to bring it up to ~240fps, wire it for 7.4V 300mAh LiPo cells for the price of some wire and a connector and £5 per battery, slap in a 100 round extended mid cap mag, and have something that's surprisingly usable as a primary for CQB, or a full auto spray-and-pray backup in woodland. But... gas looks and feels better.
  7. Whatever you get, I'd budget for having it wired for LiPo, i.e. at least add a basic MOSFET, ideally thicker wiring, and switch to Deans connectors while you're at it. Places like will do it for a reasonable price when you buy a gun if you're not handy with a soldering iron. Having just converted my CYMA AEG and AEP the difference in both trigger response and ROF over Nimh is impressive, and the batteries and chargers don't even cost any more.
  8. As above, you're fine on the legalities of ownership, and nobody at the site is going to raise an eyebrow about how he came by a RIF anyway. What you might want to consider is whether you can trust him with it off-site when you're not around to keep an eye on him. In particular if he's not being dropped off and picked up. He's not going to start waggling his weapon in public, right?
  9. Ditto. It takes seconds to do, and it's better to have it and not need it than to be left in a your-word-against-Dindu's situation. Anyone minded to steal is going to have no qualms about lying to cover it up.
  10. Fair point, I actually prefer activities in the cold as you can always put more layers on, but there's a limit to how much you can take off before the police get involved. Arwen, have you tried Section 8? I've done Nomad out in Fenwick and am half tempted by Section 8, but it actually looks it might be too big a site, and you'd spend half the day orienteering.
  11. I think I'd be requesting that they take a credit card payment for the amount shown on screen, or my money would be going elsewhere. Hope you get it figured out and sorted.
  12. Hi Arwen, I usually play at the Depot, but may try venturing into the outdoors when the weather... wait, it is sunny today.
  13. Cheer up, they may send you a free one as compensation. ...then charge it your credit card. I hope they (by which I mean the mysterious Paul) sort it out. I actually expect that they will, eventually, unless they spit the dummy, or get bored. British industry, can't beat it.
  14. I'd like it if the ostensible "fixed" hop up on my ASG actually did any hopping at all though. It appears that all three BBs fall off sharply as though they're unhopped. At some point it's going to bother me enough to strip it down to see if there's actually a hop in there, and whether it could be fettled to be adjustable even if it's by bodging a TDC screw in. I rather expect the process to be one-way only though, as I can't see any obvious method to get into the internals without taking a mallet to it.
  15. I'd start by cleaning the barrels. As to stripping it down, there's a sad paucity of how-tos on shotguns. If you do strip yours down, could you be a chum and post a video.