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  1. 51% Oh, to see a world full of opportunities through 15 year old eyes again. He'll come right, most of us do.
  2. God dammit. I hope nobody took one in the eye. Clearly not actual airsofters, as the consequences should be obvious - a crack down on the law abiding. Ball-rot on whomever sold or otherwise provided them with that gun.
  3. Out of interest, what are you getting, and why get it from Spain?
  4. If it's a 400fps (>1.3J) fully auto example: "HALP! Arrested for trying to import a firearm, and attempting to purchase a firearm while under 18." OP, you might get lucky, you might not. But please don't make sure-and-certain pronouncements that you can beat the system when you haven't even put your own money on the line to try it.
  5. That'll have been target driven policing: pressure to announce X number of drug busts in order to justify the budget spent. I strongly suspect this is Operation Something-Or-Other too, given Scotchland's position on air guns. The distinction between airsoft and air guns isn't going to much bother a copper who's been told to go and find X examples of Scotchmen posing with shooters. That said, in my younger days I was both illegally searched by ScotPlod and giving a casual slapping in the back of a van, so I'm not going to leap to their defence. Recently, a colleague collared a ned who was setting fire to his garage, dragged him inside, called ScotPlod, and they turned up, arrested him, and offered him a caution for unlawful detention. He (correctly) told them to do one, the Fiscal harpies took it to court, and fortunately the Sheriff sent them away with a bee in their ear. He's currently going down the route of suing ScotPlod for unlawful arrest (Tommika nailed that it's down to whether it was necessary at the time, not based on the final result of the case). Sad, but not shocking - it's far easier for the Criminals' Justice System to target the generally law abiding, and it wouldn't surprise me to hear that the chap in this case was offered a caution too, just to hit their sanctioned-detection targets, and turned it down.
  6. It's a fairly limited market that you're selling into, is what I'd stress. I'd imagine tens rather than hundreds of units until the UK market saturates. Bear in mind that many sites will already have some form of tick-tick-boom device: this isn't a new invention, although yours does look nice. I'd view this as a one-off venture rather than a career, and would urge you to keep an eye on your costs, stock and prices so that you don't end up taking a bath when demand dries up.
  7. Is that a fact? You'd better let the UK government know that they're governmenting wrong.
  8. I reckon I'd trim the nasal part off the mask before giving up on it entirely. Whatever's left is still going to protect you better than a mouthguard.
  9. Interesting product, I wish you the best of luck with it. Given that the market is likely to be sites rather than individuals, are you marketing it to them directly?
  10. "Hit! HIT! HIIIIIT!"
  11. Neat, thanks. I suspect that one day I shall be like unto you.
  12. [Sinister music plays] Might want to ask George to give them a prod then if he's got an inside line.
  13. Damn good spot. That's a lethal barrelled firearm, that is. Or would be if PatrolBase sold it, which they don't as its out of stock.
  14. Me, so far, and I'm unlikely to do so until there's some favourable case law. Having a dash of experience with the Procurator Fiscal's office, my opinion is that they are a cower of incompetent shunts and apparently staffed entirely by hatchet faced harridans canted heavily over from the massive chips they're shouldering. Mad love, ladies. I'd expect this zealotry from them, but I'm disappointed that anyone in ScotPlod had nothing better to do. There's a strong smell of Operation McTargets about this.
  15. It's about quarter to twelve.