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  1. choosing a budget aeg advice wanted

    Cheers Hangtight
  2. choosing a budget aeg advice wanted

    Sorry guys new to airsoft is JG Jing Gong
  3. Best Glasses

    Yep ESS ICE works well for me I didnt pay for mine and had them for about 3 years, I wear them at work and airsoft never had a problem. Have seen them on ebay for about £25 good budget googles
  4. G&G CM 16 MOD 0 Bits and bobs

    Gepard/codman1 thanks again for the advice how do you like your cm16mo 0 ?anything i need to know before i buy
  5. G&G CM 16 MOD 0 Bits and bobs

    Cheers Guys for the advice, Prisce I am sure you told me that on Sunday but i forgot sorry, I will need to do a bit more shopping.
  6. G&G CM 16 MOD 0 Bits and bobs

    Ladies and gents Some help please....I am new to air soft but managed to get my licence last week at awa Herts yeah....... I am looking to get my G&G cm16 mod 0 next week awaiting on stock from bullseye county sport . But notice it does not come with battery and chargers. Chatting to to some other members on Sunday about, about what battery and chargers to get ( which I have now forgotten ) and any other bits I will need to get when i am ordering. Any help as always is much appreciated
  7. London People!

    Prisce Did you have a good day, it was a warm one at AWA
  8. London People!

    If you live out north theres AWA out in Sawbridgeworth Hertfordshire thats where i go only been a few times but everyone is very friendly.
  9. Help recomending a gun

    Cheers Gents for the feed back most helpful, a lot of people on this forum say its a good starter for £130 but the g&g is marginally better due to inners ( don't know if thats the right term ), I haven't looked at a firehawk Ricky its all a bit new I will have a look and see if its in my budget i does sound cool, the only problem is that I I need 2 of everything 1 for me and 1 for my son. But Nijacabbage if you have had no problems thats another tick in the caa box Cheers Guys
  10. Help recomending a gun

    I am am looking a at a asg caa m4 did you get one in the end and whats like......
  11. New to airsoft

    Cheers Jedi master
  12. New to airsoft

    Hello Airsoft chums. Just started playing airsoft, I went along to support my boy but I think I enjoyed it more than him, just booked up for a second match next week with awa herts. We are both really looking forward to it, but know very little about the sport to thought I would join you guys who may be able to lead me toward the light. As I dont know where to start. Cheers