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  1. Bump, price lowered too £300+postage, also negotiable.
  2. Hey mate, check down my listing. Its down as the tanaka m700 which is basically the same as the kjw m700
  3. Make: Tanaka Gun/Model: M700 Accessories: Scope(Tasco 3-9x50E), Bipod, 2x Original Tanaka Mags, 2x Bolts(one is pre-ban PCS), Hardcase Condition: Used, But fully works. All scratches and Damaged parts will be shown on the pictures. I will be honest here, you will need a new hopup kit, it should cost you no more than £12-15. The bolt that has a green tape on its head, that has loose screw holes as thethreading is worn off but the Pre-ban bolt works perfectly. Both mags are sealed well and does not leak. But honestly, this gun is very rare, specially the pre-ban pcs bolt as it is no longer produced officially. Im sadly in a position where i have to get rid of it. FPS: (It is PCS so can be varied) Definitely can achieve all UK field limits due to adjustable power. Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £300+postage (dropped from £325) Pictures: