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  1. HFC134a
  2. Make: Classic Army Gun/Model: M16A4 (metal reciever) Accessories: 1x magazine (does not include the one in the gun) Condition: Minor crack in stock (hence tape) FPS: stock Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Price/Payment: £75 + p&p Pictures:
  3. Make: G36K (converted from C) Gun/Model: Tokyo Marui Accessories: G36 C stock, G36 K handle, 3 point sling, 2x g36 Hicap magazines, 1x hicap auto mag + charger, 1x stanag adapter, 1x Stanag magazine, longer inner barrel, upgraded spring, batteries Condition: Used FPS: 310 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Price/Payment: £200 + P&P or collection Pictures:
  4. Make: Western Arms Gun/Model: Colt 1911 Government Accessories: 3x magazines, thigh hoster Condition: Used FPS: Stock Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Price/Payment: £120 inc p&p Pictures:
  5. Make: Marushin Gun/Model: M1 Carbine NBB 6mm Accessories: Scope, Scope rail, 2x magazines, sling + oiler Condition: Used FPS: Stock Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Price/Payment: £150 + postage Pictures:
  6. Make: KSC Gun/Model: M11A1 Accessories: 2 magazines Condition: used FPS: stock Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Price/Payment: £75 inc p&p Pictures:
  7. Make: Maruzen Gun/Model: MP5K with 50rd magazine Accessories: Higher durability nozzle Condition: Used FPS: Stock Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Price/Payment: £85 including p&p ono Pictures:
  8. The mk23 sale is pending, if that changes I'll let you know.
  9. Yes it's a gas container.
  10. They were working last time I used then but I haven't got any gas to test them now.
  11. Thanks. I had no idea the Tanaka shells were rare at the mo! The gas m4 may not be working at the moment, but the reciever is a fairly fancy custom one (or it was at the time I bought it) so was hoping it would balance out a bit. I also have 6 mags for it. Might sell better as parts...
  12. I havent played for a few years and decided its finally time to move my collection on. I was hoping you guys could help me work out the worth of these guns (and bits) at the moment? Pictures and list: WA Prokiller Gigant WA Desert Eagle GBB WA Colt 1911 Government + 3 magazines WA Colt 1911 Government SCW TM Spring Glock (no magazines) TM MK23 TM M3 Shorty + 9 shellazines (rubber coating on grip needs stripping off) TM G36K (based on G36C including old parts) + 2 Hicaps, 1 double auto hicap and charger, 1 stanag mag adapter and stanag hicap, 3 point sling Green Thigh Holster Black Thigh Holster Tanaka Works M870 + 27 gas shells 2x Project guns (Detonics 45 gas nbb, wilson super grade gas nbb) 1 Nicad battery Nicad fast charger + discharger (not pictured) Maruzen MP5K GBB 2x Maruzen m1100 shells Marushin M1 Carbine with scope, sling, 2 mags Marushin M1 Garand with 3 clipazines Marushin m9 automatic (rare, not sure of working condition, i seem to remember some gearbox issue) KSC Mac11 Flashbang style Gas Container G3 SG1 dissasembled with metal body and 1 hicap CA M16A4 Marushin Cartridge revolver (faulty cylinder lever) Derringer (missing magazine spring, probably another project gun) Custom part-built GBB m4 with full cnc metal body, dot sight, 6 magazines. Currently not cycling properly, I believe it needs a new gas nozzle on the bolt. Thanks in advance.