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  1. Okay thanks bud that's cleared it up.
  2. Has anyone bought any used issue gear from surplus and outdoors if so what was the condition like great or poor. Obviously I'm not expecting pristine condition.
  3. Can't really call it a budget gun anymore as I've put a nuprol V2 gear box and high torque motor in, it's just the receiver, stock tube, stock and handguard that's CYMA. Although I am getting a nuprol delta spec ops later in the year.
  4. I'm looking for a keymod handuard to replace my RIS as I fancy a different look on the CYMA. Anyone got any suggestions for one that will be a straight swap.
  5. Where's the best place to get cyma mid caps.
  6. So I've gone with this colour chest rig would multicam go alright with it.
  7. I'm to fussed if I stand out, I would anyway with normal clothes just fancy a cheap camo set up for them both something thats darkish.
  8. I'm going to be playing a mixture of cqb and woodland but don't know what camo to wear as I'll be playing in different environments, what camo does everyone use. Was thinking about running BTP black.
  9. I'm still playing with the eotech on the rail, I'm gonna swap the hand guard for something a bit better. Basically I'm trying to do a sopmod style M4 without the acog still gotta sort out the grip and barrel. Makes me laugh im doing all this to a CYMA until I get my nuprol honey badger then this is getting sent for an upgrade of the internals.
  10. Think it's gonna be the 3 prong one got more space on the rail then, also I hate my iron sights wheres the best place to get ones that actually look like the M4 iron sights struggling to the front sight.
  11. Last noobie question. I'm after a lens protector for my WE 882 sight but I prefer the look with quick release mount on but now I have to get a lens protector mounted on a RIS rail instead of on the Holo sight it's self but don't have an awful alot of room on the rail.
  12. I had a rough idea how they worked but I'll go for the nuprol version on the grip thanks bud.
  13. Has anyone got or used a pressure pad grip, are they worth it with lasers? Or should I just get a normal grip.
  14. I've got a CYMA cm.513 and was wondering if these valken mags would fit my M4.
  15. Okay thanks guys, I've gone with a WE 882 holo sight for now, the build I've got now was always gonna be a budget build, it's when I get my nuprol honey badger it's only going to be the best stuff going on.