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  1. I would message them, if theyre professional etc then you can be more confident to order through them
  2. absolutely agree, but its some sort of source towards the type of company theyre
  3. That airsoft mike dude on youtube is sponsored by them I think or something, he might have a store review about them or something
  4. The tippmann doesn’t push enough air down the barrel for a wide bore
  5. I haven’t got round to a barrel change yet but they’re also essential and tippmanns barrel is not got at all. Apparently a 6.03 is the best remedy
  6. definitely, I got the flat hop on, and a prommy purple nub and its so much better
  7. I went for the incentive Designs one! Seems decent so far!
  8. Hmm didn’t realise cyma made a nice rifle! With the feeding ramp design, is it that its unreliable or because you have to effectively put two mag into before it’s loaded etc?
  9. I would suggest getting some form of cheap red dot, the just make aim a lot easier, I always thought they weren’t that useful until I used one, as you can only see the dot if your rifle is straight, just helps you keep on target and to be mor accurate.
  10. So after many years of AEGs and Hpa rifles, it’s time to step into the realm of snipers. I feel like upgrading wouldn’t be an issue since I own a VFC Scar L and have managed to upgrade it which is considered stupidly complicated! Anyway I was wondering if anyone has had any experience of this gun in particular as I’d like a cheap M40 style sniper. I’d like to put a SDiK man craft kit into it as the cylinder upgrade and then hop barrel etc. I’m fairly sure that it will be a straight drop in, I’ve messaged them on Facebook to be sure but if anyone knows different I’d appreciate it! So are all the MB44XX series all the same internally ie is it just be stock that’s different? What are the compatible with etc? many thanks
  11. Been playing since 2011... I don’t think I’ve spent to much I’d say around £2500ish, most expensive being a tippmann m4 at £450! Tbf 6 years I don’t think that’s a huge amount to have accumulated!
  12. My advice would to be to pay with PayPal if you’re not sure. I’ve done it the past when items don’t arrive you can get Paypal to claim it back etc, use with your own caution, but it my experience it worked fine.
  14. It’s annoying that airsoft is attacked from time to time. People don’t even realise the amount of real firearms you can obtain in the uk. if people realised what you can have as a real gun airsoft hate might go on the back burner. for example you can have a pistol, as long as it has a 16 inch barrel and 24 inches of overall length it’s legal. You can have a ar15 cambered in .223 as long as it’s manual action and you can have a 50bmg bolt action rifle. But its these 350fps plastic toys that banning
  15. You have to have a ukara to buy a black gun. If you don’t have a ukara then the shop should be able to two tone it for you so it is obvious it’s not a real firearm. There are some examples of shops I have come across where they will sell you a black gun without a ukara they just won’t give you a receipt. in my experience police don’t really care about a ukara or know what it is. It more of a license within the industry to regulate who can and can’t buy airsoft gun that look realistic