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  1. Bump. £250 posted without accessories .
  2. Where abouts you based? And you wouldn’t be interested in part ex?
  3. then just any eBay special 20mm bipod
  4. If you want the classic looking bipod for an L96, look for an adapter that will fit into the front of the body, a quick google search should bring one up, no doubt G&G will make an overpriced one but if you look for one made by well it should fit, and be a lot cheaper, and via that search it should bring you to a bipod that connects to the adapter
  5. Got a we 226 that seems to work but I’m 100% it’s got two parts missing, but it still works, and it’s got a crappy paint job (twotone to black) that kind of inhibits the action, if you’re interested oh and 3 leaky mags
  6. Thanks I really like the look of that!
  7. Ive just purchased a new TMC plate carrier setup in ranger green (RAL 7013), and I'm trying to find a good camo to match. I was thinking maybe AOR2, but a cheaper version so digital woodland maybe? (or if anyone know cheap AOR2 gear ) I also like the dark camos but any suggestions would be very appreciative as I'm struggling here
  8. I have a MTP JPC clone if you're interested
  9. Make:TM Item: M870 Butt Pad Desired Condition: Any Swaps/Part Exchange:N/A Budget:Any
  10. Make: Warrior, Condor etc Item: Plate Carrier Desired Condition: Any Swaps/Part Exchange: N/A Budget: £100+ After a plate carrier, preferably MTP or coyote. Id like a Warrior DCS or a condor operator plate carrier, something like that. Would be nice if pouches etc were included.
  11. Make: VFC Gun/Model: Scar Mk16 Accessories: Micro T1, PEQ15, Magpul Forgrip Condition: 2 months old. Marks around sling point. FPS: 300 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Y/Y/Y Price/Payment: 300 Pictures: Works well nothing wrong with it. After an HPA setup as AEG isn’t really for me. Would love a Tippman and can offer cash along with gun for Part X.
  12. Im after a Krytac PDW, and this is an issue seeing at all UK retailers seem to be out of stock! does anyone know where I can get one or when they'll come back into stock? thanks
  13. Make: Tokyo Marui Gun/Model: M870 Breacher Accessories: Side saddle, Velcro shell holder, 5 shells Condition: Works perfectly, usual scuffs. FPS: 330 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/Y/Y Price/Payment: £250 inc postage Pictures: Move modified the grip by drilling a hole diagonally to line up with the body pin. This seems odd but any Breacher owner will know that because of the weight is all in the grip it loosens and then gets whobbly and it leaks. With this hole you can tighten it without any disassembly so it's really helpful. And it's not noticeable at all.
  14. So I have been researching a lot leading up to my first disassembly and I choose a difficult gun anyway I am mechanically minded so that didn't faze me. I have gotten the part necessary and now I'm stuck because the gear box won't snap back togetherness like it does on YouTube. It almost seems as it's if stuck on the gear shaft's as they don't seem to line up with the holes. Any help? - as you can see from the photos it seems to pivot above the gears.