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  1. Buying a shotgun soon and looking for a way to store ammo. I have narrowed my choices down to a pannel or a pouch. Which would (or do) you prefer? Thanks
  2. Any advice on buying this shotgun (using outdoors)
  3. Just drop any suggestion below thanks
  4. Want to start recording gameplay for YouTube and have no idea what mount to get. Can anyone help? Thanks
  5. Looking for a long AEG to turn into an extremely accurate weapon. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Looking for a game day in bucks this weekend. Any suggestions?
  7. I have had the galaxy m82 barrett for a year and have not used it because of its poor performance. I would like to get it to work better but parts are scarce. Does anyone have and knowledge about this gun? Thanks
  8. Thinking about setting up a sniper loadout and looking for a gas blowback pistol under £100. A ng suggestions?
  9. Currently, I own an ares amoeba 008 and I was wondering what upgrades would you put into it and what would you add externally (torch, PEQ box, ext)
  10. Any tips about how a sniper can be stealthy. Looking to get nice kills undetected
  11. Im confused. I am soon bying a sniper rifle and need to get prepared to buy external parts (sling, bipod, stock pouch) but when gets to the scope, I'm not sure what the recommend magnification should be. Can you help? Thanks
  12. Need any ideas. Looking for accuracy and range. Can you help me?
  13. Any suggestions on a way for a sniper to hold magazines and pistol onto. Harness of some sort?
  14. Ares striker mate. 430-470 fps and decently accurate out of the box
  15. I like the attack and defend games that go on for 1-2 hours