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  1. The family issue is certainly a sad situation but it should not influence a 'professional' police force. I can perfectly understand just wanting to put it behind you and moving on in life. Best of luck for the future...
  2. Quoted as 1.8Kg Tell him its taking tactical advantage of the available resources A soldier will always take advantage of a weapon rest if available...
  3. Could he shoot sitting at a table resting on elbows? Lightest I can think of is a CYMA polymer M4 1.8Kg and cheap too
  4. Its common for people to think that o-rings need to be tight to work but the piston ring must never be tight on a ported head.
  5. Is it new? Might be worth asking for a replacement...? Work the slide back and forth by hand. Does it feel smooth or catchy? Keep working the slide holding the hammer down with thumb until it feels smoother. Lubing would be a place to start. Plenty of vids showing how on Youtube. Use 100% Silicone grease or spray. (Don't use WD40) Clean barrel but don't spray lubricant in there. (plenty of vids) Check the air nozzle and feed arm underneath for signs of damage. Compare to online images to make sure nothing is broken. May also need to clean the magazine BB slot
  6. Adapter rail example (Shop around for best price) I would advise getting a rail riser as well if you use a mask. SUSAT doesn't need an adapter.
  7. Simple answer is: 'As many as you want and can afford' Its also nice to have different style weapons so you can cater to various roles. I use the M4/L85 with scope for longer ranges and the folding stock, open sights, AK74 for smaller games. Just to vary... I always take at least 2 primaries so I have a backup.
  8. A growing collection of weapons is quite common as can be seen in the gun picture thread I was happy with M4 primary and G18c AEP when I started a short time ago but the list has grown somehow Being proficient in the mechanics means you can buy relatively cheap, fix em up and then sell the ones you're not so keen on. Might even make some profit on sales... A good situation since you enjoy the tech side and can try the various weapons to keep the ones you like. ...as long as you can let go of the others
  9. Hi and welcome, There's loads of info buried in the forum Try various search terms. A friend got this which looks effective and good price: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B075DVT3YZ/ref=pe_3187911_185740111_TE_item
  10. Hard to blend in with those
  11. If you have a decent primary you'll only use a pistol at relatively close ranges for clearing barricades, buildings etc. I wouldn't want to use anything above 300fps in such close quarters. My G18c AEP is much lower than that and works great for those situations. (full auto is nice too ) The other thing you have to consider is a holster for a 5.2K Can you even get one that fits? If so its going to be heavy, bouncy when running and harder to draw fast. But as Marc said above, if you really like it then get it and have fun...
  12. Yeah, just enjoy your time there and don't worry too much about what the others get up to. Personally I disagree with the sneaky tactics because if everyone behaved like that it would turn to chaos. It shouldn't be about the kills but more the teamwork.
  13. If you don't want a 'common' budget weapon then either buy what you like the look of now or wait and save for a better version of what you like. No point getting a decent weapon if you don't like the look of it and doesn't make you want to play. On the other hand if you buy a weapon you want like the AA R85, you may love it and deal with its quirks. It may fail and need more money & time to fix. Up to you if you can deal with that. Probably best option is to keep an eye on sales here. That way you can get a good weapon for less. Just make sure to do your research and not rush it.
  14. I don't think you can judge CYMA if you're buying from there...
  15. Where did you get it from?