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  1. Whompa73

    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Prompt payment and good guy to deal with.
  2. Selling my airsoft equipment, law clarification.

    Following from what Tackle said: For RIF you need to be convinced they are 18+ & have valid defence. For IF you need to be convinced they are 18+ For parts there are no restrictions
  3. Returning player in Reading area

    Yeah, this may as well be called 'The Mall Fan Club Forum' I've never seen anyone say a bad word about it If you want to try a bit of woodland then have a look at 'Absolute Airsoft' just outside Reading. I'll be there again one Sunday this month.
  4. WE Co2 valve fix pistol and rifle.

    Don't need an of mine fixing just yet but seems like its worth doing a proper guide with pics if you can. Presumably this will work with any magazine manufacturer using Co2 12g input valves.
  5. Holmbush/Dogtag Airsoft

    PT247 does I think. Good guy and knows his pewpew stuff Send him a PM
  6. Long guns and CQB sites

    Covering fire for advancing groups is definitely a good idea. Using long rifles indoors is obviously a disadvantage but still do-able. FPS is the limiting factor and must be below 350 for CQB at most sites.
  7. Has Anybody Experienced Theft on Sites?

    Yep, that story is exactly the kind of scenario I'd be wary of. I don't lock my bags but keep em closed with nothing visible at least. Might get a couple of cheap locks...
  8. Has Anybody Experienced Theft on Sites?

    Its not the regulars I'd be worried about but the renters that might be tempted knowing that they'll never go back or not for some time at least.
  9. Welcome Dave. With your budget you should be able to get both an M4 and AK I'm more into woodland games and there's a site just outside Reading called Absolute Airsoft. If you want I'll PM you next time I go.
  10. Have I been kidding myself?

    Yep, go for it. You won't know unless you try. If you don't like it then you don't have to go back and you won't have the regret of not trying it. If you do an outdoor woodland game then the most important thing will be good boots that support the ankles. You can move at whatever speed you like. Slow and stealthy is a good tactic and there will always be plenty of 'kids' willing to rush ahead
  11. A 7.4v LiPo is about equivalent to 8.4v NiMh in power delivery but smaller in size.
  12. Nah, battery doesn't affect the spring... Batteries affect the motor = rate of fire. Bigger = faster (Higher stress & more wear)
  13. Will this sight fit on my Cyma CM.028 gun?

    Looking at pics of the CM.028 it doesn't have a side rail mount so sorry to say, you will NOT be able to mount that scope on it. You could get this 20mm Weaver rail to use something small.
  14. Cyma AK what stock version best ?

    My LCT has the metal skeleton folding stock and I really like it. Doesn't seem as bulky as the 'solid' stock. Not sure about the size but I'd imagine they're quite similar length. Solid one is probably slightly wider so maybe a bit more comfortable in the shoulder but considering there's no recoil it doesn't matter. Just go for the one you like the look of
  15. Not another university questionnaire!

    Yeah its interesting for sure. Good luck and keep us updated. I might be talking to the creator of the next airsoft revolution