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  1. Would love to compare the entry level Nuprols with CYMA equivalents.
  2. Ah yes I see. You are right. Interesting that the ICS has the fake bolt release in the wrong place compared to the WE. Still a good deal with everything included.
  3. You'd be surprised then. There are always going to be gear whores and people with superiority complexes
  4. We all know you don't have to be registered with UKARA to prove you play airsoft but its the easiest proof if you have to deal with any authorities.
  5. Rental packages for 3 games is quite expensive so I can understand putting that money into a weapon which can be painted black after UKARA is obtained. It actually makes more financial sense.
  6. No its not missing. Its clearly visible behind the bolt cover.
  7. Blueing is a chemical reaction with metal that seals it to make it more durable and gives it a nice blueish hue, hence the name. I also thought of blueing some bits but I believe it only works on steel so don't know how it would turn out on the low grade metal most guns are made of. You can probably buy a bottle of it from gunsmiths to try. I think you just have to roughly paint it on, let it sit for an amount of time for the reaction to take place and then clean off the residue. If you try it I'd be interested to know how it goes...
  8. Cheers, Its an ASG G18c AEP Holster is Nuprol but came with the pistol (2nd hand) so don't know more than that. Its a good mounting point except for crawling as it tends to dig into the ground.
  9. Yeah, the ebay ones are cheap but the thigh straps can be quite short/tight so might need some modifications.
  10. Got one of those style leg holsters from ebay. Fits my WE M9A1 and 1911 rail gun perfectly. Also used with a lanyard. Not taking any chances... I prefer having holsters chest mounted but crawling is awkward as it drags in the ground.
  11. Wow, he was bloody lucky to keep his hand even with gloves.
  12. Glad to hear self preservation wins over bravado If MK9's were used regularly at games then the guns may as well shoot .22 long rifle... Next level gaming
  13. I double dare you to hold one when it goes off. THIS will be your reward
  14. MK5 is enough. Accidents are inevitable and holding a MK9 or being near one when it goes off would seriously ruin your day.
  15. 'Absolute Airsoft' is near 'The Mall' in Reading if you want to do woodland in that area. Not the best in game types but nice and cheap at £20 (walkon) including a hot dog for lunch.