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  1. Bump, still here.
  2. I'm located in Southampton. I can post though.
  3. This item is sold; can a mod take the ad down?
  4. Make: Jin Gong Gun/Model: AK sniper Accessories: stick battery, metal pull cord mag. Condition: mechanically its been skirmished 1 time externals are fair, however ita missing the butt plate that holds the butt to the gun. Its an ak pattern rifle with dragunov furniture and a bipod. Its powerful and can work in the DMR role or the SAW role; full auto. FPS: 420 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: y Price/Payment: £60 not inc postage Pictures:
  5. bump. Both still available. Ive reduced the price for a quick sale, won't be reducing further. £90 for the AUG, £70 for the M4. Both AEGs for £130 its a bargain (If your interested, pm me. If you post queries on this thread the mods will delete it before I can see them).
  6. Aa
  7. If I see a part and its not in stock, will they order the part for me?
  8. Bump, been over a week. I'm open to part-exes.
  9. Hi sorry for the delay, I forgot to check my thread I'm based in Southampton.
  10. Bump. £100 for the AUG, £75 for the M4. £140 for both. No more reductions, this is a steal. PM me with your trade or part-ex offers.
  11. I owned a dboys one years back, I couldn't really recommend it to be honest, it wasn't sturdy at all and the metal felt like some kind of alloy, a bit tinny. Ive heard better things about the Cyma model, its only £159. It's quite a bit cheaper in Taiwan gun, but it says "UK customers import weapons at their own risk", I never like the sound of that.
  12. I brought a gletcher mosin nagant carbine. Its a rebrand of a wingun m44, didn't know that at the time, and I probably paid a 100% premium for the branding. Still liking it though, I know it's not technically airsoft but the OM is an airsoft company. My next buy will be a KWC tt33. Ive seen it for 50 right, and the gletcher rebrand is almost £150!
  13. Yeah, I'm into re-enactment myself so having all different era's confuses me. I can honestly say ive never seen an airsoft brown Bess, flintlick type gun though. Maybe theres something out there though.
  14. Make: Classic Army Gun Name/Model: AUGa1 Accessories: QD silencer, TM mag Condition: Good, well maintained, serviced a year ago. Its missing the takedown latch and vertical foregrip, these aren't difficult to source, and because of this I'm offering a very good price, much less than its worth. The CA AUGa1 was a very highly regarded AEG, it reviewed better than the TM it has excellent ergonomics and quality. It has, licensed Steyr trademarks, and a built in scope. Very high rate of fire The suppresor was £35 and the mag was over £20. A sweet rifle. FPS: 320 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: y/y/y Price/Payment: £90+postage, £130 for both AEG's! I would trade both rifles advertised for any good quality AK model If you have anything good PM me. All sensible offers considered. Make: ICS Gun Name/Model: M4 Proline with short solid stock Accessories: intellect 1600 battery Condition: Good, in the years ive owned it it's only been skirmished 6 times. The bluing isn't faded. This is the model with laser-engraved Colt trademarks, full metal, not the sportline model. Has a split gearbox to easily swap the gearbox The spring is missing from the delta ring; I use a piece of duct tape to secure the handguard hence the price. This is a high end AEG, I paid a lot more than what I'm asking for it. It will make an excellent platform for a killer M4 inside and out, well worth getting some optics and rails on. It comes with an intellect 1600 battery. Priced for a quick sale. Splits/Swaps/Part exchange: y/y//y Price/Payment: £70 plus postage, both rifles advertised for £130 I will exchange both rifles for a quality AK pattern rifle. PM to ask me questions, reasonable offers considered.
  15. Have a Glock 17 gen 3 still in box, barely used. I'd take 70 quid for it. These are 140-60 new, pretty much the gold standard for glocks. I can 2 tone it if necessary, I have a can of blue krylon laying around. If you want, I can spray the slide as soon as the payment hits. It'll take a few hours to dry. I won't charge you for the paint job.