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  1. I have now started the process of buying up all the upgrade parts for all of the RIFS I have bought in the past 6 months. Just manage to pick up an SRC G36 Gen 3 gearbox with 8mm bearings to replace my XM-8's gen 2 gearbox with 6mm bushings. It's a small upgrade really, but I found the gearbox for dead cheap brand new and they are very uncommon. (40 euros!). Also picked up a spare SRC G36 hop unit. They are proprietary to the SRC XM-8 as you cannot change the magwell to a standard type unlike the SRC G36. Best to always have spares especially when rare and no longer made!
  2. In the box that the optic you replaced them with came in
  3. Yeah. I used them for a Famas strap and Famas bits in the past. It's clear their English is quite good!
  4. Want something different? S&T Tavor Professional with blowback. It's on offer and about £100 cheaper including shipping then getting it from the UK (Patrol base) It will need new bucking out of the box though   I bought the Carbine model for £230 posted.
  5. SRC XM8 Gen 2. Can't wait to get it skirmish ready :-)
  6. I just use generic high caps and they seem fine. I believe its a 420mm inner barrel though I haven't replaced mine. I have an SHS green motor which seems fine.
  7. I have one. Needs a new motor as the standard one is underpowered. Gearbox is solid. Go for a MOSFET to prevent trigger contact burnout. Range is poor so buy new bucking and a tightbore barrel. The weak spot is the magwell/feeding much like the aug. Proprietary part though so deal with is as best you can.
  8. Managed to pick one of my dream RIF's up on sale from the continent. The rare (over here) S&T Tavor Professional flat top with keymod. Going to have to do a tremendous amount of work on it to get to a skirmishable standard. But it is another to add to my bullpup collection!
  9. Make: ICS Gun/Model: CXP-15 Proline M4 Accessories: 1 ICS High cap mag. Condition: Almost new FPS: Roughly 320. Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: None Price/Payment: £120. Pictures: Hello all. I have an ICS CXP-15 Proline M4 keymod CQB RIF for sale. It has the fantastic ICS Split gearbox. Bought very recently and never been skirmished. This is the high end Metal bodied version. The dust cover likes to flip into the open position fairly easily as is common with these. It's complete standard and comes with the ICS High Cap. Has flip up ironsights built into the top rail. I am based in Dagenham and Central London, Local pickup is very much preferred at the moment. Does not come with a box, just the RIF and high cap.
  10. Still looking!
  11. Don't be put off by the TM polymer slides. It gives a fair bit of kick, not as much as a full metal pistol, but the accuracy is better because of it! I reckon the plastic slide is a plus rather then a minus. I have a Strike Warrior, keep running it on duster gas. My Strike warrior feels very solid. MEU mags are very dependable though have a very small gas chamber. So don't expect to run through a whole mag of BB's without running out gas unless it's in the hottest summer. I underload the mags to about 20 BB's. The Warrior series does not have any need for upgrades and actually run worse with them. I have no need for another pistol. It's purely for picking up and working without trouble.
  12. Alas. That is a Gen2, i went to enquire months ago. Still no reply from Eliteairsoft!
  13. When was this? I am not sure if they are even in business. I have sent a text to the mobile number, but with no reply. Seems like the company has a bad rep!
  14. If you are desperate for a longer inner barrel, then go for a bullpup. Cyma F2000 should do you nicely.
  15. I can see them, however there are no photos and the Olive Drab one is described as Oliver Darb! Are they trustworthy?