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    London People!

    Shiz is Dragons Lair still open. There website hasn't been updates since January 2015. Not really a good sign.
  2. Hey everybody, First time post, bar the introduction post. I did a quick forum search and couldn't find anything so thought I'd post this. I'm moving very soon, and about 6-8months down the line am going to properly get back into the hobby. As I have a baby on the way the wife has said that the weapons need to be secure and locked away so that small hands can't fiddle. Which I completely agree with. The place I'm moving into has a utility room which will house our washing machine and tumble drier. And also double as my workshop/storage. I'd planned on buying a cheap cupboard/wardrobe and fitting shelves/racks and then padlocking the front. Just wondered how you all store your weapons and gear. Ideas and pictures would be great appreciated, as well as any tips. Thanks in advance and hope to see you on the battlefield soon!
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    New from East London/Essex

    Hey everyone, I'm currently saving to start airsoft up again after a 7 year hiatus. I live in East London, on the border with Essex, my local site with be the AWA Herts. I'm going to be starting with my cousin so I have someone to cover my back. Were both looking at getting M4 platform weapons, for ease of mag buying and swapping in the field. Any tips for a returning player and noob would be much appreciated. Also any review of AWA Herts, I've only heard good things so far.